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To the Power of Orrery

Orrery of Orreries
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This is a standard orrery but instead of celestial bodies orbiting a sun, it has nine orreries orbiting an orrery. These orreries have orreries for planets as well. And those orreries ... etc, etc.

One day, when this Orrery fixation passes, newbies will not know of the day 5 separate Orrery ideas graced the Half Bakery's main index. This monumental occasion shall, forever more be immortalized in this idea ...

*5 Orrery ideas at once*

- Feb 18th 2010.

MikeD, Feb 18 2010


       Oh, good. Immortalized. Is there some hope that one day you'll wake up, realize just how lame this kind of navel gazing is, and replace it with an actual invention?
jutta, Feb 18 2010

       Ha ha ha! A new category, just for orreries! Well, at least I know who the autoboner is, now.
MikeD, Feb 18 2010

       I'm a natural business man, [Jutta]. If the half bakery wants orreries, then I'll give them orreries *made* from orreries!
MikeD, Feb 18 2010

       You're right about the "natural business".
jutta, Feb 18 2010

       //realize just how lame...//   

       Yes, but who doesn't feel like a little fishing after a 2.5 bun idea?
MikeD, Feb 18 2010

       I consider it worthwhile if it leads to astronomical circle dancing among the home ed kids in the local park, which is what will happen in the fairly near future if i have anything to do with it.
nineteenthly, Feb 18 2010

       What [bigsleep] and [jutta] said. [-]
daseva, Feb 18 2010

       Surely an orrerry of orrrerrries would actually be a scale model of the geographical distribution of actual orreries? As with an orrery, where the precise internal details of each planet are not reproduced but are represented by a plain ball, so in an orrierie of orroroes each ororrei is represented by a plain disc. It would also be a little dull to look at since there would be very little movement, most orreries not being noted for their travels.   

       Also, just as an orieroie approxiamtes the total number of bodies in the solar system, so an oysterie of oyeahs would approximate the totality of orribles by only depicting the biggest and most notable examples, such as those antique ones in the science museums of Oxford and London. More expensive models display more individual examples and include extra minuscule gearing to represent the museum examples being transported to the museum stores for conservation etc. Also an incremental ratchet for continental drift.
pocmloc, Feb 18 2010

       A globe covered in orrories depicting the worlds best orroreis would be cool
daseva, Feb 18 2010

       Why are you all talking about chocolate biscuits?   

       Seriously though, they are self-similar. Stars orbit the centres of galaxies, some of them orbit each other, planets orbit stars, satellites orbit planets, then there can be a gap (unless you count co-orbitals), then there are atoms.
nineteenthly, Feb 18 2010

       I agree with jutta. Orreries are so yesterday's meme. It's time to move on. Therefore I give you "The Sextant Sex Tent"!
DrBob, Feb 18 2010

       Octagonal octant? Quadratic quadrant?
nineteenthly, Feb 18 2010

       [+]; puts mine to shame.
DrWorm, Feb 20 2010

       An orrery of orreries, like the old SF idea that electrons were universes in themselves, made of electrons that were also universes, and so on. Or a modern idea in cosmology, where every black hole is the beginning of a new universe, so that the most likely universe has evolved through countless generations to produce the maximum number of black holes.
ldischler, Feb 21 2010


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