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A Timed Anthrax Deployment Vehicle
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The Sporrery appears as a master-crafted orrery of the highest value. The finder/victim will doubtlessly count this orrery amongst his most valued possessions. He will place this cherished object on his mantle where it set benign for 20 years.

After a score, Pluto will split open and with a small puff, anthrax spores will be released.

The owner will expire, and the orrery will pass to the previous owner's favorite relative. The pain of loss will fade, the Sporrery waits to strike again. In another score, Neptune will split open, deploying it's deathly payload... and the cycle continues.

The Sporrery does not only kill, it entices the educated and cultured then kills them and their future generations over the course of it's 200 year affliction of terror.

Is this halfbaked? Or does it already exist? Beware, orrery owners!

MikeD, May 10 2010


       It's an orerry, so, that's fun.   

       It's not cruel or vengeful.   

       When one planet splits open, wouldn't that be evident and lead to tracing the death to the sporerry? Worse, mar the attractiveness of the orerry.  Maybe it can pffft out of a tiny hole.    

       [jutta] may have already received an inquiry from the FBI about your account.  And another from the Mystery series.
Mustardface, May 10 2010

       You're all really weird, you know.
blissmiss, May 10 2010

       ((My) dear) [Blissmiss], in case you're saying that as if it's a *bad* thing and it might affect any esteem within which you might hold this account, I will go on to say I am certainly against any such device being actually baked and then also being actually deployed in the real world.   

       I was looking at [Help]'s definition of cruelty.   

       I bone this idea now and dedicate said bone to [blissmiss]!
Mustardface, May 10 2010

       How about every twenty years it submits another HB orrery idea? I'm bunning just for the idea about how I could murder someone more than a century after my death. PS Pluto has been downgraded and from what I hear continues to be downgraded, so for that and it's wildly eccentric orbit, so maybe no one will die for 40 years if gets removed.
MisterQED, May 10 2010

       Dear Mustardface,
I accept your boner. ;-)
blissmiss, May 10 2010

       dude is the saving role against my constitution because my "cape of heartiness +3" that my character wears at all times, even in bed with the lady barbarians, should be totally applied to this. Also, for continuity, WTF was the Gnome King doing with a cursed astronomical artifact if he never went outside? I'm just saying that if I had rolled this up for incidental treasure i might have rolled again M'kay?
WcW, May 10 2010

       //When one planet splits open, wouldn't that be evident and lead to tracing the death to the sporerry?//   

       The planet closes after delivering it's payload, of course.   

       [Wcw], I'll give you a +6 modifier to your constitution if wearing the cape, but your lady barbarian friends are probably fucked. And I don't allow re-rolls. You will take what you get, or nothing at all.
MikeD, May 10 2010

       //You're all really weird, you know.//   

       And getting weirder by the look of it.
wagster, May 10 2010

       [bigsleep], I think you are confusing this idea with the sporranerry, which is a hairy purse that slowly rotates around one's kilt.   

       There is also the sporerran, a hairy purse containing anthrax.
pocmloc, May 10 2010

       [+] For pointless cruelty.
awesomest, May 10 2010

       is this 4d6 against magic or 6d6 against poison/traps? if it's a trap I should get +2 because my character has "uncanny senses".
WcW, May 11 2010

       Could it project an image of Hari Seldon?
lurch, May 11 2010

       //is this 4d6 against magic or 6d6 against poison/traps?//   

       It's a d20 roll against your constitution, man. Are you trying to pull one over on me?!   

       And your character's "uncanny senses" should be indicating a wrathful DM about to smite your ass if you don't stop needling me for extra modifiers.
MikeD, May 13 2010

       shit that happens after the actual adventure is concluded usually inspires quite a lot of whinging; cursed items, injured followers, broken equipment, never a source of gaming pleasure. "My unicorn caught A.I.D.s from the blood leach?"
WcW, May 14 2010


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