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Sino-European trade in the old days

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Whilst typing "whilst" I thought about the history of trade and ideas between China and Europe in ancient times.

In theory, there should have been bugger all as it's a long way, but recent archaeological digs in London have found three skeleton most likely from China about 1400 years ago..

Also a trove of Roman coins that got dug up in Okinawa, and red-haired mummies have been uncovered in China.

I would suggest that more information could be shared to give a better idea of how ideas and goods were traded.

For example, the Shanxi's Pony that did so much for transportation in the UK until (and including) modern times.

not_morrison_rm, Nov 07 2016

Was originally "Shan on you crazy diamonds" but label snafu https://www.youtube...watch?v=R0sw2CgysWY
..too late to change it.. [not_morrison_rm, Nov 07 2016]

Shanxi market place optical trick https://www.google....JQKHfo3DxgQ_B0IdzAO
if you scrunch your eyes up you get the silhoutte of Winston Churchill (nose to the left) [not_morrison_rm, Nov 07 2016]

Interacial intamacy in Japan. https://books.googl...do%20beards&f=false
Western men and Japanese women 1543-1900 [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 07 2016]

Land-locked Shanxians delivering a wave http://ichef-1.bbci...92288542_blade1.jpg
...itt all means something... [not_morrison_rm, Nov 07 2016]


       Aha, the fabled //Shanxi's Pony// so overlooked these days as a viable form of transportation, and yet so very reliable, portable and easily maintained!
zen_tom, Nov 07 2016

       I looked for an idea but couldn't find one. Does one require a head bludgeoning for this idea to appear?
Voice, Nov 07 2016

       ^ "I would suggest that more information could be shared to give a better idea of how ideas and goods were traded." is the idea.   

       Actually it's true, like one of Nero's boats was recently excavated and it had roller bearings, a technology then lost to the West for about 1500 years. If it was local tech, then surely it wouldn't have died out, so perhaps it was tech from China.   

       That's why it's in the culture:history section.   

       Anyway, back to the Shanxi's Pony...a little known fact is they have a third knee, but no one knows where it is.
not_morrison_rm, Nov 07 2016

       // Does one require a head bludgeoning for this idea to appear? //   

       In your case, it's highly likely. We suggest that the best course of action is a simple practical experiment.   

       Just wait there while we fetch the baseball bats.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2016

       Me, or the other guy?   

       Oddly enough Shanxi was the inspiration for a Pink Floyd song...linky...
not_morrison_rm, Nov 07 2016

       We're not fussy. Both, for preference.
8th of 7, Nov 07 2016

       This suggests to me that there are individuals who have such information but are not sharing it. I would think people would be eager to share it: certainly the young ramen-subsisting archaeology professors who hope to achieve tenure.
bungston, Nov 07 2016

       "Knowledge is power".
8th of 7, Nov 07 2016

       It seems that lots of local trade centers was the key.
RayfordSteele, Nov 07 2016


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