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sky blue ideer electric

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These are Robotic Deer as lifelike as a Robotic Deer can be with fur colored sky blue.

They are gentle and slow moving and each looks soft and somewhat cuddly just like a real life deer it wanders the countryside, unlike a real deer its lifelike eyes glow electric blue day and night.

each SB-IDEER ELECTRIC is on a mission

function A :) it lets you approach if attempted slowly you are allowed to whisper ideas or stories into its ear which it records.

function B :) when it encounters people that approach slowly and then pet its back or head it will in turn flash its eyes on and off three times and begin to whisper in a low deer voice a story or idea that it has been told previously into the appropriately placed ear of the petter. The story or idea will be selected by the deer randomly.

function C: evade capture - resist capture if you the human spooks the deer by approaching too quickly, attempting heavy petting,trying to grasp it too tightly for a prolonged hug or an awkward perversion maneuver the deer will will begin to thrash violently kicking and then run far and as fast as it can.

function D :) in the presence of children near roads each SB-IDEER ELECTRIC acts as crossing guard slowing stopping traffic. The robotic SB-IDEER ELECTRIC will utilize two methods to do this once it identifies the presence of children based on video based algorithmic recognition of short stature individuals (below 4') among other digital sensory cues. The SB-IDEER ELECTRIC will purposefully move slowly/trepidatiously into the road or path of traffic and if it detects that traffic is not slowing it will emit an electromagnetic pulse to disable the vehicles.

vfrackis, Aug 25 2014


       This is to odd as kilogram is to microvolt.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 25 2014

       If I'm not mistaken, this is the chaperone avoidance decoy which wagster pined for.
4and20, Aug 25 2014

       Well, at least it's not in other:general. Although I'm having some difficulty understanding the culture:history placement.
normzone, Aug 25 2014

       A bit Gaiman-esque...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 25 2014

       Oral traditions? But - who is going to whisper in a deer's ear a story worth somebody else's time? It's going to be advertisements, stupid advertisements, perverted advertisements, scams, phishing, pharmaceuticals and sexual solicitation 99 stories out of a hundred. The other one will be so laced with vulgarity and bad grammar that it can only be categorized as "WTF?".   

       Around here, we'd probably trap them for their batteries.
lurch, Aug 26 2014

       I don't know but I think anyone would have trouble whispering profanity into a robotic sky blue deer ear. I just think most adults wouldn't be bothered.   

       here is a chance to experience something and or hear something that could change your day or your life.
vfrackis, Aug 26 2014

       //anyone would have trouble whispering profanity into a robotic sky blue deer//   

       Just exactly where were you raised then, it appears to have been very, um... 'sheltering'?
Skewed, Aug 26 2014


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