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Site B: Trespasser

Survivor meets Blair Witch meets Walking with Dinosaurs meets The Lost World: Jurassic Park
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A mock "reality TV" show (for obvious reasons), loosely based on the movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park and the spin-off game Trespasser, Site B features a documentary crew who secretly sneak onto a mysterious tropical "Costa Rican" island to make a documentary on the "animals" that live within.

In the beginning, we see the team document the various dinosaur species that live on the island, sorta like Walking with Dinosaurs, and observe their wonder at watching these creatures.

But soon problems arise, some due to their various disagreements and personality clashes and with things getting worse and (eventually) with no clear way of leaving the island, we see a struggle for survival in which mind games, mutiny or aggressive force could determine who lives and who gets to distract the Raptors.

Combining voyeuristic elements from Survivor, the tension of Blair Witch, hopefully excellent visual FX and of course dinosaurs, Site B has all the ingredients to be a hit.

Also, we can bet on who gets eaten this week.

mrkillboy, Oct 16 2000


       Take labels off of everything. Call it 'Brand X'. Can the survivor live without explicit consumer information?
reensure, Oct 17 2000


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