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Site of Love

Why isn't there a website where people can love on other people?
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You love someone, why not have a website where people specify they love them and for what reason that caused the feeling. Not that you need a reason to love someone

Who do you love? You should go somewhere and write praise for someone such as God or a celebrity or what someone did to you.

People can post a picture of someone with their permission and say I love your outfit. I love your style. I love your sense of taste.

It's like a more powerful like button.

But you go on this website to feel good about other people and to feel good feelings.

The feeling of love expressed and praise spread out, you want to go somewhere positive and uplifting, then you would go to this website.

The metro has a section where people submit messages to other people they met in public and the messages can be uplifting of people doing good.

Companies are just people doing things but also legal persons. We can have a thing where individuals of companies are identified and we can love them for going out of their way to benefit us today.

Thank you cashier!

chronological, Sep 17 2022


       Moderation of this site might be tricky, since some people might see it as a challenge to be passive- aggressive or snarky while staying within the letter of the rules.
pertinax, Sep 17 2022

       I love this idea. And this site. And you, chronological, for having the heart behind this idea.
blissmiss, Sep 18 2022

       I love me.
Voice, Sep 18 2022

       It’s a nice idea [chronological] that might appeal to some, but I don’t personally need a website for this. The people I love hear it from me in person.
a1, Sep 18 2022

       Honestly [chrono] because for humans there is no story without conflict. It's like... necessary or something. Too much happy-happy joy-joy is as detrimental to the human psyche as war.   

       Some folks need to have something to complain about.   

       They just do.   

       Bless you bliss. I was worried about you based on your account of your life on one of the ideas here. I hope you're feeling good and happy. Do you have any updates? Who do you love?   

       I was also sad about a number of Halfbakery members passing away.
chronological, Sep 18 2022

       //Too much happy-happy joy-joy//   

       Sounds to me like a pretty good problem to have. I'll let you know if I ever observe it anywhere.
pertinax, Sep 19 2022

       // I'll let you know if I ever observe it anywhere.//   

       Not to upstage [xen] but...   

       ... just look at Trump. Lack of struggle leads to egotistical complacency.   

       +I am lending a loving bun! It would really be nice but kind of idealistic. I agree with what others say about their take on it, but as a standalone idea it’s very nice.
xandram, Sep 19 2022


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