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Spring-Loaded Can Opener

Grind exercise grips, pour in testosterone
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A can opener combined with exercise grips... just in case you need to open a can o' whoopass.
21 Quest, Sep 08 2011

Exercise Grips http://www.amazon.c...edium/dp/B002HYGP42
[21 Quest, Sep 08 2011]

Can Opener http://compare.ebay...eItemTypes&var=sbar
[21 Quest, Sep 08 2011]


       This is going to make it more difficult to open the can. It could, however, have some sort of mechanism that releases the spring-loaded tension once the can is popped. This type of product could then fall into the weight-loss products category, along with the treadmill refrigerator and the random password generating pantry lock.
daseva, Sep 12 2011

       The idea is a can opener that you have to squeeze hard to close, which means that it would be difficult to get it to latch onto the can, but releasing the can would be a spring-assisted action.

       It was inspired by a fitness junkie I know who carries exercise grips with him at all times, and while he denies it, I think he does it to show off. This just adds an extra douche-baggy 'coolness' factor to the tough guy appearance they give off.

       "Look at that guy! Don't want to mess with him... he looks ready to open a major can of whoopass."
21 Quest, Sep 12 2011

       I was hoping it would be a can opener you could wind up in advance and then activate when you needed a can opened.

       "Look at that guy! Don't want to mess with him...he looks ready to open a can."
normzone, Sep 12 2011

       Ha! That was my first thought too...
then it turned into Pandora's Can-opener for when you really really don't want to open a can o' whoopass, but I digress.


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