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Support Briefs for Men Uppies

Some Men who wear briefs like to dress upwards but find that it is impossible to maintain that position for long
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Men who prefer to dress upwards have a problem with maintaining that position due to the force of gravity. As a result, they feel uncomfortable. A new type of support briefs for these men that help maintain that position to prevent sliding down but with maximum comfort and without that tight feeling.

(Dressing Upwards/ Uppies: Men who prefer their penises to be pointing in the Upwards position of their briefs)

likeaprayer999, Jun 11 2002

Koala swimwear... http://www.koalaswim.com/
...er, sort of. Thanks, [waugsqueke]. Now I feel soiled, too. [phoenix, Jun 11 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       Buy smaller pants.
[ sctld ], Jun 11 2002

       Do I want to know what he means by "dressing upwards?"
yamahito, Jun 11 2002

runforrestrun, Jun 11 2002

       a system of cogs and pulleys and thick string might help. I say *might*.
po, Jun 11 2002

       Lay it over your shoulder.
dare99, Jun 11 2002

       Or out your collar like a novelty tie!
dare99, Jun 11 2002

       I see your point, I like to feel symmetrical. If I was a man I wouldn't feel symmetrical if I was left or right and it would drive me bananas.
Helium, Jun 11 2002

       you could always get a "prince albert" piercing. (look it up yourelf, it's too painful for me to look at the pictures).
mihali, Jun 11 2002

       that would assist my pulley system certainly.
po, Jun 11 2002

       "How's it hangin" ?   

       "It's not"
Helium, Jun 11 2002

       Baked. (I don't think y'all want me to post that link again.)
waugsqueke, Jun 11 2002


Yeah, that's right - learn to walk on your hands. That way, you've got gravity working for you.

Otherwise, might I suggest duct tape?
quarterbaker, Jun 11 2002

       The only reason I can see for this is if you like the excitement of seeing your one-eyed snake peering out the waistband of your jeans. Which would not go down well in polite society.
pottedstu, Jun 11 2002

       I believe certain african tribes wear special cups that allow for these occurrences. By simply having a dome to accomadate any position, the wearer can comfortably resume everyday function without having to adjust his equiptment. So instead of fabric, mens undergarments should be constructed from a solid free-standing material. This way, there is plenty of room, wheter it should hang or be in it's upright position. I would also like to point out that your idea is really just an observation. Now excuse me while I patent my Free-Standing Unddies!
JesseOQ, Aug 01 2003


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