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Television Video Mute

Pressing mute button shrinks picture too!
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So you're watching the news and a commercial comes on. You hit the mute button, the audio turns off as usual, but the picture also shrinks to postcard size, or stays at full size, or down to a pinhead, or any size in between. You can manually adjust the size of the picture, so that when the show you were watching returns, you can press mute again, and viola! the picture zooms to full size! (You make the picture just large enough to recognize that the show has returned, after the commercials.) I think it's a good ideal for large screen TV's with "large screen visual commercial clutter"! I especially hate FLASHING auto commercials!! Advertisers will HATE it, isn't that GREAT!
EdisonEnvy, Sep 28 2007

Very similar idea Configurable_20mute_20button
[hippo, Sep 28 2007]


       Or adjusts brightness way down?
the dog's breakfast, Sep 28 2007

       Viola? Otherwise a fine idea.
theNakedApiarist, Sep 28 2007

       It's a nice idea, but looks fairly redundant to me.
xenzag, Sep 28 2007

       No, I don't mean adjust brightness down, the picture shrinks onto a black background (or stored wallpaper), so you don't have to watch the obtrusive ads at all, just glance up at the postcard-(or other sized, remember it's pre-adjustable)-sized picture to see if your show's back on. What is redundant about it? It just shrinks the picture down, much like a picture in picture. That other idea (by hippo) is apparently adjusting the brightness down etc, which is nice, but not what I meant. I guess you could combine both ideas. Too bad there isn't a standalone TV that can be user-modded, or maybe there is?
EdisonEnvy, Sep 29 2007

       I like the idea, but one should really do something useful every once in a while.. staying all that long infront of the TV makes us slaves for their commercial breaks
swirlyivy, Sep 29 2007


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