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elevator with surprise button
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floor marked surprise, when pressed anyting could happen from unknowned floors to tower-of-terror style drops
sukiyaki, Jul 20 2007

xkcd's take http://xkcd.com/c288.html
[hidden truths, Jul 21 2007]


       Nice. Now link the Emergency Stop button to the Surprise button so that Free Fall becomes even more excting.   

       Welcome to the halfbakery!
nuclear hobo, Jul 20 2007

       I like the sudden drop. This could be accentuated by piped-in screams and CO2 smoke.
ldischler, Jul 20 2007

       A moving floor on the elevator would be nice.
shapu, Jul 20 2007

       Sounds like an interesting way to brighten up the day. I've always thought those "elevator" thrill rides were kind of unimaginative, but in the real world they would be cool.
jamuraa, Jul 20 2007

       how about bursting out of the roof
sukiyaki, Jul 20 2007

       You are often of few words, hey [sukiyaki].   

       ([brevity]) init.
theleopard, Aug 05 2007

       A random moth is released into the elevator.
phundug, Aug 06 2007

k_sra, Aug 06 2007

       Yes, this would certainly de-linearise your day. Glad to make your aquaintance [sukiyaki].
wagster, Aug 06 2007

       I'm plenty exciting just as I am, thank you very much. No need to start shorting my buttons.
Freefall, Aug 06 2007

       stag beetles. and strobe lights. to help you gather your thoughts before that important meeting on the 18th floor.
notripe, Dec 30 2009

       Wow, I really like this. [smacks forehead, hard].
blissmiss, Dec 31 2009


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