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Sleeping cubicles

Rent out small cheap quiet cubicles in public places for people to rest or nap
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I would love to encounter a business where I could rent a small, cozy place to sleep for an hour or so. Yes, many feel this is what the public library is for, but I mean a private, horizontal space that is clean, comfortable, dark and quiet so I could refresh myself while out running errands, between appointments, etc. etc. It would sure make a lot of the time people spend waiting more productive--after all, they say we are chronically sleep deprived.

You go in to the receptionist, tell her how long you want to sleep, choose a pillow, and wander down to C-3 or whatever. Maybe it is simply a very deep cubby hole with a little hinged door on the end. Maybe you need to climb up to it as to a bunkbed. You get in, shut the door and it is whispter quiet, but the space is being ventilated somehow. When your pre-selected time is up, you get "wake-up" music piped to you and then, after a short "snooze" the receptionist comes knocking with your favorite, pre-ordered beverage.

Ahhhhhh! Heaven!!!!

socanne, Sep 13 2002

The Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in Airports http://www.sleeping...ts.net/airports.htm
I wholeheartedly support the idea. But in the meantime, here's one of those absurdly specialized websites that just make me wish the Web were a big, furry creature somewhere so I could give it a hug. [jutta, Sep 15 2002]

The Nap Cubicle http://collectiveex.../cindy/naproom.html
[hippo, Oct 17 2004]

cheap http://www.easyhotel.com
not quite as ubiquitous as you'd like. yet. [neilp, Oct 17 2004]

MetroNaps http://www.metronaps.com/
Look at these... [-----, Oct 17 2004]

japanese sleeping tube hotels http://www.links.ne...dging/capsulehotel/
half baked- theses are the tubes, but are primarily intended for breif one night stays, but if you want to spend $30 to take a nap... [tatmkr, Jun 22 2006]


       In some corporate buildings in Japan, they have "sleeping tubes" which is much like your concept of the deep cubby hole. Late night of coding? Need to take a nap? Just get into a tube!
BinaryCookies, Sep 13 2002

       Sleeping tubes would be nice to have in airports. On long layovers I sit uncomfortably in my chair wishing I could have a sleeping tube and an alarm clock.
Benny, Sep 15 2002

       If you happen to be rich enough, you can rent a hotel room for a few hours without staying the whole night. This is called a "day room", and hotels near an an airport won't look at you funny at all if you ask for one. (They'll just charge an arm and a leg, but still less than a whole day's worth of walk-up money.)
jutta, Sep 15 2002

       If you go to the Habitat Hotel in NYC you will realize that someone is already willing to pay premium $$ for almost a cot and no space (we couldnt open the door when we rolled out the "second half" of the bed -- no joke).   

       So you wouldn't need much space, you could probably fit, say 6 to 8 cot's in the same space as the average hotel room. Bathrooms could be as big as in a Convention center or Movie Theater.   

       You would want to offer a freshen-up space in the bathroom though. Perhaps disposable toothbrushes, etc...   

       I'd get a pre-pay card and keep it in my wallet if I knew there was a chain of these available. Go with it!
hyfen, Sep 17 2002

       It seems the Japanese are way ahead in these areas. Who knows why. Come on USA.
rain_n_ice, Sep 17 2002

       Wonderful link, jutta. The story about 5 people sleeping in separate 'tubes' t at fast-food playground was the best..
pfperry, Sep 17 2002

       I spent a good hour on that site. Wow. As for sleeping cubicles, they're a great idea. A friend and i proposed something like that (to each other) a couple of years back, when trying to take naps between classes in a centrally located dormitory lounge. Comfy couches, but cold, and hard to gague when to wak up, unless you have an alarm on your watch. mmmm... Now I'm sleepy....
Grabber, Sep 17 2002

       I will bun this one but I think that this only works provided that everyone who uses this service is a clean, decent, and well mannered. How would you keep the homeless out? Or how would you keep out some wierdo who needs to jerk off before going to sleep? Or what about some young mother changing the baby's diaper in the cubicle?
Jscotty, Jun 22 2006

       it would be safer than your car somewhere-even on a long drive, when you don't want a room for the whole night (or the awful continental breakfast +
tatmkr, Jun 22 2006

       Would you pay extra for a black light? eww! Bun, great idea. Should be at all colleges.
smarable, Jun 22 2006

       how about if each cubical is like a ventilated dishwasher. stainless steel walls, the cot made of washable synthetics, when you leave the whole room sprays, soaps and dries. they could add scents to your vent so you smell clover and they could play music that you plug in from your ipod. they could even have an option where you lay there and it washes you. i'm thinking it should be set up like an opium den sans opium.
Journal, Feb 19 2009


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