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'Special Edition' DVD Rental

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Have you ever bought or rented a DVD or video, and found out that there were extra scenes or commentary, and you would just love to watch them? Or have you bought the DVD (or video!) for the movie once its come out and can't be bothered on re-buying it for the extra scenes/bonus material?

Most video or DVD rental shops don't have special edition, directors cut or enhanced scene/colour editions, mainly due to they get the DVD once it is out rather than years later when it's become a cult classic or has been re-released with the alternate endings.

Therefore, I propose a DVD rental store that gets the DVDs only when they come out in a special or enhanced edition. Of course, they would perhaps have to get both directors cuts or special editions if both of the DVDs have different/unique material.

Also with the DVD would perhaps come an Easter Egg guide for those who enjoy finding that sort of thing.

Unfortunately this would only work with DVDs because as far as I know you can't get any commentary or bonus scenes with VHS.

froglet, Oct 22 2006




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