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Stalk that Car!

Just exactly how many times have you seen that car?
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This is nothing more than a database of license plates. Every time you see a car you think you've seen before, or any car for that matter, just punch the license plate number into the console. One variation could involve a device that actually photographs the license plate of the car in front of/ behind you. After using the thing for about a week or more, you'll start noticing that you've seen that car before, and the device will tell you where you were when you last saw it. This is really more of a toy than anything, it has necessary value, I just thought it'd be fun.
ShellCandy, Jul 08 2007

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[po, Jul 08 2007]


       I prefer my coat and notebook, thank you very much.
Texticle, Jul 08 2007

       Carspotting, the movie...
ye_river_xiv, Jul 09 2007

       On a purely voluntary basis, drivers could enter a name/nickname into the database so that when you type in their plate number, their name comes up.   

       Optionally, you would be able to give them nicknames of your own (for your database only), so that rather than thinking "ah, there's GX34 3XV again" you'd think "ah, there's nose-picker again, and here comes always-on-the-phone-guy".   

       [Texticle] hmm, I'm thinking you could use a Coatbook.
marklar, Jul 09 2007


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