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Press this Button !

You have already sent your photo, weight and DNA to the police.
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Burglar and house prowler annoyance device:

Large red button on the wall.

In large easy to read type a sign says "Press this Button !"

Below in much smaller low contrast type anther sign says


You may have already sent your photo, weight and DNA to the police. Did you feel a pin prick when you pressed the red button ? Is the little green light now flashing ? Did you know you have a right to remain silent ?

popbottle, Aug 12 2014

SAW this. Burglar_20trap
Seemed a bit dangerous [popbottle, Aug 12 2014]


       The burglar will claim the needle caused an infection, and will then sue you.
Vernon, Aug 13 2014

       I remember as a kid reading in my grandmother's reader's digest that robbers where badly hurt in a booby trapped home, sued and received damages.   

       I also read about a door lock inside a metal knocker- like lion's mouth, that closed on a burglars hand. He sued too, and received damages.   

       I wonder if people can sue all burglars in advance, for having to worry and booby trap their homes in this way.   

       Anyway a non-bloody way of doing it, is to have the sign say: Look into here for cash. If the wrong eyes look at the sign the person is temporarily paralyzed and blinded by a powerful flash of light, and a net is thrust around him, hoisting him up to the ceiling and spinning him till he's dizzy.   

       No harm to anyone in case of a mistake, like the case of your son in law not being warned in advance.
pashute, Aug 14 2014


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