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Safe Burner Technology

Never burn yourself or cause fires again while cooking.
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A sensor of some sort built into the heating element of the oven and or burners that would eleminate the egnition of materials touching the elements. The mechanism would trip while in opperation if something other that than the mettalic pan or cooking utensil were to touch the element, stopping all heat to the source and cooling rapidly. This would eleminate any ignition to the material and would prevent sever burns to the user or even perhaps a mislead child. The system would also shut all power to the burners if grease or other substance were to ignite while cooking all those greasy foods we all like today. This as well as simply preventing the egnition of any material would save in the larger picture many homes.
brows181, Dec 05 2005


       How would you detect the type of material that touches the electric element?
Electic circuit + pressure plate?
Magnetic properties?

       What about trying to detect the combustion (fire)?
Oxygen or Carbon sensor?

       Does grease ignite on kitchen hob elements? I don't think the flashpoint is low enough.   

       (P.s. sp:ignition, eliminate, misled)
Jinbish, Dec 05 2005

       Some stoves use induction-based 'burners'. Metalic pots placed on them will get hot. Non-metalic materials won't get heated at all.
supercat, Dec 05 2005


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