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(kinda surprised there's no product skateboard category) I had this idea before these, [link] came out and think it's different enough to post.
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Take an ordinary skateboard and slice two inch wide gaps across its width at four even intervals.
Join the center of each segment back together again with either a thick spring or a fairly wide strip of high strength memory plastic and attach a set of trucks [link] and wheels to the underside center of each one.

I think that this would, not only allow the board to conform to varying surfaces but would also make for a skateboard that could be propelled, (once in motion) by the rider twisting their hips and then legs back and forth in an undulating scissor type motion, a slither if you will.
I think this may also let the outer rim of the board to be lit Piezo-electrically (not sure if that’s a word), for nighttime safety and of course coolness...wait scratch that, purple ground effects.

{Testimonial from my thirteen year old son}
"whauo that'd be totally sweet."

Thar she blows https://imgur.com/gallery/vgOX5sC
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 25 2004, last modified Jul 14 2019]


       good idea. i can see it would be the preferred mode of transport for all roving bands of accordian players.
benfrost, Oct 25 2004

       Agree with [BrauBeaton]'s remarks on board rigidity but this might have other tricks out of reach on a conventional board. If you could make the connecting bits flexible enough, you could even have wheels on a couple of the top segments. With bindings, you could then flip part of the board and ride it twisted.[+] anyway.
DocBrown, Oct 25 2004


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