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Slowmo Coaster

SSSSSllllllooooowlllly coaaaaaaaaaasts
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Two dumb looking teens are the attendants. They talk with a drawl and slowly explain how the ride works. Everything goes real slowly. The music sounds like its from an old tape recorder with near empty batteries. The ride takes you up, slowly inverts you and has two loops. It then gets stuck and stutters a few times while your upside down. Finally, it slowly comes to a stop.

Good for beginners who want to practice before getting on the real roller coaster, or for experienced divers.

pashute, Apr 09 2008


       Slower ride, lasts longer = more value! [+]
jaksplat, Apr 09 2008

       Stopped while upside down? Sounds like a great opportunity to purge one's scalp of dandruff.
Texticle, Apr 09 2008

       Then two dumb looking teen attendants collect the items that fall from your pockets while you are inverted in stuttering Slowmo Coaster. They collect your items very slowly but you can't do anything about it but gape...except perhaps unbuckle your belt while inverted high above the laughing crowds... If you do, then you die, but then they gape!
CwP, Apr 10 2008

       Would it really have to take you upside down? Being inverted, albeit slowly, sounds a little extreme for this coaster. [+]
qt75rx1, Apr 10 2008



       "Slower ride, lasts longer = more value! [+]"
= longer lines. Bun anyway!
phoenix, Apr 10 2008

       Nonsense, just double the length of your rollercoaster so that it can take twice as many people! In fact, why not make the entire track a series of seats, with people constantly getting on and off and slowly crawling down the span of the track?
qt75rx1, Apr 10 2008

       Ohhhhhhh! I thought this was going to offer riders slow-motion videos of their ride on a standard roller coaster. High-speed video cameras would capture neat stuff like how people's faces and bodies react to changes in g-forces, making for hilarious facial expressions and body contortions when played back in super-slow-motion. Imagine the fun of watching a 20-minute video showing in excruciating detail every bump, turn, dip, and drop of your 40-second thrill-ride on The (insert scary coaster name here).
Canuck, Apr 10 2008

       Speaking of fast coasters ([Canuck]) what would the photos taken on the Slowmo Coaster look like? I bet people would pay 8 bucks for a Slowmo Photo. I'd ride it and look really excited in the picture, so people would think it was fast. (Or I'd be the only crazy-looking person in the pic...)
Iidhaegn, Apr 10 2008

       Not something that makes your beer last longer then?
coprocephalous, Apr 10 2008

       + w..e..e..e..ee
xandram, Apr 10 2008

phoenix, Apr 10 2008

       So far a few of us have mentioned lines. Something just occurred to me: who'd wait in line to ride? Would there ever be a line problem?
Iidhaegn, Apr 11 2008

       ha! best ride ever, there would be no line ups, the ride would be the line ^_^, it moves so slow like a line up that you walk up and get in a seat and wait.....to get off and get on something faster
senradbivab, Jan 19 2009

       Depending on the design of the coaster, this might actually be scarier.
Spacecoyote, Jan 19 2009


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