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Spinball Rollercoaster pt 2

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I basiclly had the same idea... the fundamentals we're the same, except i was thinking either a half cylindre built with the concept of a gyroscope of some sort... If i can find the article somewhere, i know the japanese have a ride that is similar to this. The ride is basiclly a half cylindre incased inside the tracks. The whole ride is a set of straight tracks (think of a straight line) and at key areas, the cylindre does some sort of barrel roll. I was thinking of elaborating on this idea and maybe incorporating a different style of track, using the concept of magnets and maybe either a ball format or a gyroscope that would mess up the ride even more. What if, instead of a straight line, you made it go into drops, switch the polarity of the magnets are certain places to make it loop but all in all avoid twisting the tracks, but get the same feel of a barrel roll... then at the same time the gyroscope effect comes in and twists you around 180 degrees... The cool part of this, is my idea for the loading bay; make it like your loading bullets/people inside the gun barrel/car

What do you guys think?

ps: i liked the idea for the invisible track... except maybe making the track sometimes visiblel, and then sometimes clear (so you'd have a track that is partially made out of some metal and another part made of a clear material). Example: you start going up a slope, at the top of the slope you cant see the other side since the track is clear, thus making it feel like your going to go over and just fall. But then actually make a drop so the rider has the perception of falling in a plunge but your still on track... this idea does lose its value once the rider knows the track parts... so it's a one time extra-thrill.

Sanch3z, Nov 29 2002


       //What do you guys think?//
That you need to work on your communication skills.

       I really have no idea what you are talking about. Since this idea refers heavily to another, perhaps it would be better off as an annotation to that idea.   

       Either way, it certainly needs tidying so that people can understand what you are trying to say.
st3f, Nov 29 2002


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