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serious holiday ride

roller coaster on the ocean's worst
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A cruise ship, mounted with a roller coaster, that actively searches the worst the weather in the world.

The cruise ship and coaster would, of course, be engineered to suit the natures ocean extreme vagaries.

Any psychological and physiological effects would be calmed with a highly trained staff.

Ridden a rollercoaster, Are you sure ?

wjt, Jul 31 2014

Pitts Special http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Pitts_Special
Indescribable [8th of 7, Jul 31 2014]


       Interesting. If the cruise ship encountered just the right wave and weather conditions, you could ride the roller-coaster in Zen-like stationaryness while the ship bucked and rocked about beneath you.
hippo, Jul 31 2014

       Throw in some of those bizarre, unknown medical conditions, that make people heave and poop, and it should be a real blast. You know the ones people get on cruises that are never diagnosed. Yeah, those.
blissmiss, Jul 31 2014

       Perhaps the cruise ship should be built in independently floating but connected-by-roller-coaster sections, so that the wave action more easily affects the shape of the coaster.
Vernon, Jul 31 2014

       The track should be mounted on brackets outboard, so it dips below the waterline in sections.
pocmloc, Jul 31 2014

       /independently floating but connected-by-roller-coaster sections/ +
bungston, Jul 31 2014

       "Rollercoaster" ?   

       What a sad, wimpy, milk-and-water idea.   

       You want thrills, excitement, extreme G-forces ? Brown trousers ? Projectile vomiting* ? Vestibular disturbance that lasts for days afterwards ? Forget rollercoasters. Try <link>. Feel the fear and do it anyway.   

       // Any psychological and physiological effects would be calmed with a highly trained staff. //   

       Trained to deal with hyperventilation, uncontrolled tremor, mutism, incontinence, and drooling ? The usual treatment is a half litre of whisky, take neat, which causes the victim to move to Stage II, identified by an overwhelming urge to cling to a lamp post or other solid structure while screaming "Make it stop ! Make it stop !". At this point the usual treatment is to administer the other half litre of whisky, although that may be academic as once the victim has the bottle it's pretty much impossible to get it back from them.   

       After 48 hrs in a darkened room, they are probably ready to resume Flight Instructor duties. Treatment of co-pilots or trainees is rather more prolonged. Most passengers never progress beyond Stage I and end up in residential care.   

       *Always have cheese for breakfast. It tastes the same coming up as going down. We know this to be true.
8th of 7, Jul 31 2014


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