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Small & Short Men's Clothing Shop

Baffles me why they don't exist
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Big & Tall shops abound in my region. They are everywhere. All the regular clothing stores have big & tall sections. There appears to be so much of a demand for this that I've often thought that most men, at least, are big and tall, and that it's the 'regular' clothing sized humans that are actually the minority.

For those of us who are in the less-than-regular clothes size range, and there are a lot of us, why are there no small and short shops? Seems like an obvious need to me.

Women's clothing sizes are some sort of hellish joke for men to understand, but at least they have a "petite" classification which appears might address this issue from a feminine perspective.

waugsqueke, Sep 25 2002

Baked http://www.ftminfo.net/osm.html
I am pleased to say (only fair, after all), but you may have to use some of those frequent flier miles. [Just noticed who provides this site: nothing intended by it.] [DrCurry, Sep 25 2002]

short man brown's http://www.shortmanbrowns.com/index.html
in toronto [mihali, Sep 25 2002]

ForTheFit.com http://www.ForTheFit.com
Online Short Men's Clothing specialist- sells to U.S., U.K. & Canada [cbworks, Feb 16 2008]

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       You tried the boys' section?
DrCurry, Sep 25 2002

       //Big & Tall shops abound in my region//   

       something in the local water supply perhaps, or you could try Mothercare
skinflaps, Sep 25 2002

       Yes to the boys' section. No good (at least not for me). Yes the sizes are in the right range, but the mix of dimensions is still off.   

       Glad to see some of these exist. My googling was ineffective. Cleveland is closest for me, though that's still a 7 hr drive. Next time I'm over, maybe.   

       Seems to be a large concentration of shops in California... interesting.
waugsqueke, Sep 25 2002

       in the UK if you can squeeze into children's sizes, you avoid VAT (value added tax)
po, Sep 25 2002

       So, [RT], you're suggesting that clothes shops use physiognomy as a criterion in selecting their sales staff so that, whoever comes into the shop, there'll be an assistant with roughly the same body shape?

("Sorry sir, you'll have to wait - our fat hunchbacked sales assistant is busy")
hippo, Sep 25 2002

       Oh-My-God, what an image - Rods buying make-up.
PeterSilly, Sep 25 2002

       Aaargghhhh <runs away and jumps off small cliff>
PeterSilly, Sep 25 2002

       <scratches head at "conjoled">
bristolz, Sep 25 2002

       <hums, thanks to RT> ... 18 carat love affair ... is Vic there? ... I would do most anything to get you back by my side ... etc., etc.</hums, thanks to RT>
hippo, Sep 25 2002

       Oh. For a minute there I thought you were referring to "cajoled" but now I know better.
bristolz, Sep 25 2002

       I'll vote for this so long as they don't stock umbrellas.
calum, Sep 25 2002

       There are always tailors, who will measure you and make clothes to fit your exact size. An unfortunate side-effect is that they won't fit well should you eat more than a gnat's whisker and put on weight.
PeterSilly, Sep 25 2002

       Yes. I am well aware of the existence of tailors. It is rare that I can purchase an article of clothing that I do not need to see a tailor about making adjustments.   

       I _hate_ tailors. I want to buy something off the rack and be able to wear it immediately.
waugsqueke, Sep 25 2002

       Napoleon's Tailor in Chicago (773)594-9800
supercat, Sep 25 2002


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