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SmartPhone strap

Subtle, practical, profitable
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The young ladies. Where should they keep their phones when they have no purses? Their clothes have no pockets and little extra space. Currently one sees any number of ad hoc solutions: waistband, brastrap, bracup, held in hand. Strapped to the arm seems unpopular except for runners, probably because it is difficult to check and use on short notice.

To the delight of its patient stockholders, BUNGCO has devised a practical solution. The SmartPhone strap comes with a nifty titanium reinforced case. Attached to the case is a ribbonlike strap fitted on a springloaded roller like one might see on a retractable dog leash. The strap itself is available in a range of snazzy fashions. After a number of false starts involving unhipness, BUNCGO grudgingly contracted outside help to develop these snazzy fashions.

Pull out the strap and wear the phone over one shoulder, like a purse. The phone can ride at your flank, or hip, or anywhere along the course of the strap. The face of the phone can point in or out as you see fit. Swing it up in front of you to see who is texting you. Loosen the strap if you are of the larger persuasion. Tighten it if you must run to catch the last train. Crank your favorite tune and swing the phone around your head like a bullroarer!

Retract the strap to an inconspicuous cylinder when the phone can go into your purse.

Illustrations very welcome!

Links depicting firm bakedness of the concept also accepted, grudgingly.

bungston, May 14 2017

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       // Their clothes have no pockets and little extra space. //   

       There's your problem, right there.   

       [-] for encouraging females to use garments that favour appearance over necessary functionality.
8th of 7, May 14 2017

       I am so sorry, 8th. Not apologizing type sorry. Sorry for you.
bungston, May 14 2017

       [bung], this is probably the best idea I have read in this category today. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, May 14 2017

       // Not apologizing type sorry. Sorry for you. //   

       Sp. "Not 'apologizing'-type sorry; sorry for you."   

       Can't think why ....
8th of 7, May 14 2017

       Image search "phone on strap" gets an awful lot of products.   

       or High heeled shoe phone? Only gymnasts would be able to answer the phone.
popbottle, May 14 2017


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