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Smart Blanket

Electric blanket with built-in programmable thermostat.
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Sure, you already have a Self Regulating Electric Blanket. But what happens when you forget to turn it on before you crawl into bed? Well, you still have to crawl into a cold bed! And how many times have you come home from work to find that in your haste that morning you forget to turn off the blanket and it has been maintaining your empty bed at a cozy 35C (85F) all day?

Well no more. Now, with our handy-dandy programmable thermostat, you can set your blanket to come on a few minutes before you climb into a nice toasty bed and turn off after you get out in the morning.

Great comfort and energy savings too.

ato_de, Jan 02 2004

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programmable thermostat http://www.energyst...tats.pr_thermostats
the idea as it applies to home heaters/air conditioners [ato_de, Oct 05 2004]


       Given that most of us are toasty enough already to keep a bed warm, I thought the whole point of electric blankets was to heat the bed before you got in. This self-regulating electric blanket will actually be off most of the night, and hence no advantage over the standard issue ones.
DrCurry, Jan 02 2004

       I enjoy warming up a cold bed. Better with a cute companion of your choice ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 02 2004

       Perhaps, I have not brought my concept across very well... I am proposing a programable timer thermostat to turn the blanket on and off whenever the user chooses. I have linked to the other blanket to show that it is NOT the same idea. Similar to a set-back programable timer for your heater/air conditioner.
ato_de, Jan 02 2004

       Go buy a 7$ timer. Option add-ons are often better than built-in feachers. (Lower cost to those of us who don't want stuff to do stuff automaticlay. )
my-nep, Jan 02 2004


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