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automated heating and airflow controls
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heat could generate the needed engergy to contract muscle wires, opening pores in the banket which would allow air flow to cool you. As the air got cooler, less energy would be directed into the wires. Other muscle wires could activate when it gets cold (batteries turned on by lack of heat?) and close the pores tighter, also generating some heat and trapping it all inside.
ironfroggy, Jan 06 2002


       Anyone got any nitinol?
phoenix, Jan 06 2002

       You wouldn't really need batteries; nitinol can be formulated for a transition temperature anywhere in a very wide range, definitely wider than the average bed blanket will experience.
wiml, Jan 06 2002

       But would this work for more than one person under the covers? Also, what happens when the blanket gets kicked off the bed and the dog claims it?
RobGraham, Jan 06 2002

       The problem I see is: How comfortable would a blanket with wires in it be?
phoenix, Jan 06 2002

       Chain mail is very comfortable, so wires don't necessarily have to be a bad thing.
jutta, Jan 07 2002

       To sleep in?
phoenix, Jan 07 2002

       You'd end up with a funny grid pattern over your skin if you lay on chain mail.
pottedstu, Jan 07 2002

       I've heard of bed head. Would mail give you chain brain?
phoenix, Jan 07 2002


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