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sex sensing electric blanket

Your electric blanket is warm and comfy, then you have sex. the blanket reduces its warmth to a preset temperature so that you remain at warmth preference during the entire sexual activity
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I read at similarweb.com that electric blanket is among the leading search engine sources of .5B visitors. So I had to think of an electric blanket idea.

people get warmer during sex, and often have sex on beds. An electric blanket that reduces its current when people are having sex would remain comfortable the entire time.

If they could engineer a peltier effect blanket the initial bed surface temperature followed by the eventual diffusion of warmth could maintain a preferred temperature.

beanangel, Jan 27 2017


       If the electric blanket doesn't end up in a tangled mess on the far side of the room, you're not doing it right.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2017

       Your electric blanket might better simply turn itself off if it detects sex. Water and electricity don't mix --especially water that has its electrical conductivity enhanced due to dissolved ions (like salty sweat).
Vernon, Jan 27 2017

       But please, details! What manner of sensors would specifically indicate sexual activity and not, say, viral infection or anxious preoccupation?
absterge, Feb 03 2017


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