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Tactile Blanket Orientation Indicator

To always sleep with your feet covered.
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Nothing brings a more satisfying sleep during winters than a thick down blanket and an open window. Unfortunately, an incorrectly orientated (with the blanket's longer axis perpendicular to the bed's) blanket doesn't cover the bare feet, thus depriving us from the joy of continuous sleep and breaking the pleasant dreams.

A simple solution: sew rough cloth strips along the long sides of the blanket, and you wouldn't have to wake-up completely to comprehend why your feet are so cold. Just feel the side that is under your chin and if it rough, rotate the blanket! It would be so fast that you may even make it back to the same sweet dream!

xipetotec, Oct 15 2007


       Magnetic blanket. Orientate bed north- south.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2007

       Concept is baked, method reversed: rather than making the long sides rough, smooth the ends by stitching "satin blanket binding" (q.g.) over the edge.
lurch, Oct 16 2007

       True, I've had several like that for years.   

       This is like trying to find the long side of a square blanket.
baconbrain, Oct 16 2007

doctorremulac3, May 29 2014

       I'm kind of tall and Asian blankets tend to be a little short, so I end up using them diagonally....that way you only need to find a corner
not_morrison_rm, May 29 2014


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