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Smoke all you want

Cigarette Smoking enclosure
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1. Plastic and Plexiglass bubble designed to fit over the head an seal around the neck of a person who wants to smoke. THis bubble contains a battery operated air cleaner, and a hand operated cagarette holder and lighter. A smoker can put his/ her cigarette in the holder, put the bubble over his/her head and smoke to his/her lungs content. The air cleaner has various speeds depending on the amount of second hand smoke the smoker wants to inhale. The bubble is auto-locked until all the smoke has been evacuated. 2. Larger version for public places. Plexiglass enclosure with self contained air purification aparatus. This is designed with an airlock to allow customers to enter and leave, and an "airlocked serving window" to allow customers to be served.
senatorjam, Jan 19 2003


"Nah. Chainsmoker..."
RayfordSteele, Jan 19 2003

       Nice - it would need some means of getting beer/single malt whisky to your lips, but definitely a winner.
CheeseFilteredCigarette, Jan 19 2003

       Like those old fashioned personal steamers. Just a white box with a hole in the top for your head.

I see rows of these white boxes with a hemispheric plexiglass shell on top of each one. A head in each shell, smoking. Lined up like port-a-johns at a special event.
pluterday, Jan 20 2003

       Not too bad an idea; Mad Magazine once did a piece on similar concepts. I still personally lean toward "let businesses accommodate smokers or non-smokers in such a way as to best help their bottom line." What this tends to mean is that some businesses will be non-smoking only, others will only have a "smoking" section [non-smokers welcome of course, if they don't mind the smoke], while others will have "smoking" and "non-smoking" sections.   

       I find it interesting that anti-smokers will push to ban smoking even in places that they have no interest in going. It's also interesting to note that while anti-smokers claim bar business in California is up, the only reason per-bar sales is up is that many bars have closed. The law allows bars meeting certain conditions to allow smoking, so any bar that meets those conditions benefits from the state's elimination of any competition which doesn't.   

       Returning to your original invention, it seems like a somewhat plausible idea, though a bit anti-social. A somewhat simpler approach is to just have social gathering places where smoke is expected.
supercat, Jan 20 2003

       // I find it interesting that anti-smokers will push to ban smoking even in places that they have no interest in going. //   

       I would ban smoking because it kills people, supercat.
waugsqueke, Jan 20 2003

       //I would ban smoking because it kills people, supercat.//   

       Yes, but generally only the people who indulge in it, (unlike, say, drinking which often kills people who aren't drinking).   

       Prohibition has been tried. It has in every case been an unmitigated disaster.
supercat, Jan 20 2003

       // Yes, but generally only the people who indulge in it, //   

       So I should not care about those people then? And there is a difference between prohibition (not what I was suggesting) and banning smoking from public places.
waugsqueke, Jan 20 2003

       Ramming a fishbowl on your head is the answer then? I'll let you know,uncle Beagle is commin to town.
skinflaps, Jan 20 2003

       Clever concept. This could even take place in an office setting. Your cube partner is enjoying his own personal fog while your air remains clear.
whatrock, Jun 05 2017


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