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Smoky Treats (Say it Like You're Scooby-Doo)

Make the box that cigarettes come in out of smokeable materials.
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Okay, not all smokers are litterbugs, but for those who are, I decided they might need some motivation to not throw their empties out into the streets and onto my lawn.

Let's make the actual pack out of special cigarettes that are shaped into flattened panels, attached to each other with perforations. When the pack is empty, smokers can start taking their pack apart and look forward to a smoky treat. The two widest sides will be the real treat, as these will take the longest to enjoy at a leisurely pace. Perhaps they could be made from a choice of special flavors or samples of other varieties in the company's line.

*This idea is dedicated to Buki the dog.

XSarenkaX, Mar 21 2003

Möbius Strip http://scidiv.bcc.c...du/Math/Mobius.html
(For those of you who may be unaware of what this is.) [XSarenkaX, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 06 2004]


       as an ex-smoker its a pretty neat idea. the outside ciggies would dry out though, shirley.
po, Mar 21 2003

       What if the box was made of beef jerky instead?   

       Wait, aren't cigs supposed to be dry? I mean, they gotta burn, right? I don't get it.
XSarenkaX, Mar 21 2003

       I like this. (+)
Pericles, Mar 21 2003

       Fun. Smoking the wide side of the pack might give the appearance that one's tongue was on fire.   

       Ruh roh!
1percent, Mar 21 2003

       A cool party stunt would be to light up the whole, full pack and smoke the entire thing right down to your lips. Filterless, of course.
bungston, Mar 21 2003

       You're still left with all the d*mn butts.
DrCurry, Mar 21 2003

       And the infernal plastic shrink wrap.
my face your, Mar 22 2003

       How about making that shrink-wrap cellophane crap out of edible rice paper, like those Chinese candies?   

       To go perhaps a step too far, let's make the filters edible, too. >:)
XSarenkaX, Mar 24 2003

       Mmmm... smoke flavored candy. Maybe make them out of Nicorette. Oh, the irony.
Worldgineer, Mar 24 2003

       Nicorette, eh? I kinda like the Möbius Strip effect that would have.
XSarenkaX, Mar 24 2003

       Self-destructing wrapping. Excellent idea! Such a world would be cleaner and much more exciting.
Worldgineer, Mar 24 2003

       Wouldn't that encourage social smokers to chain smoke?   

       How about the pack changes colors (over a period of a week or longer) into a neat pattern, to make those chain smokers hold on to their packs a little while longer, just to see what arises? This might help wean them off cigs a little bit, although if they like the packs too much, they might never quit.
XSarenkaX, Mar 26 2003

       Maybe make them out of organic matter with wildflower seeds. You're not littering, you're planting.
Worldgineer, Mar 26 2003

       That would be a cool, hippie-style solution. Of course, not everyone will appreciate some Queen Anne's Lace growing in their manicured lawn or their prize rosebushes. Plus, you'd have to declare your cigs when traveling abroad.
XSarenkaX, Mar 26 2003

       Well then perhaps just organic matter. I mean, smokers put crap into their lungs already, why not complete the picture. (dodges flicked matches aimed at head from all directions)
Worldgineer, Mar 26 2003

       How about making the filters out of gun cotton (i think this may be the same stuff as flash paper - its cotton that burns cleanly - i can let anyone know how to make it if theyre interested). No cigarette butts, and cool effects. And burnt lips.
miasere, Mar 26 2003

       Yes - ANYTHING to eliminate those filters!
XSarenkaX, Mar 31 2003


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