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smartphone smoke

Smoke screen and burbling sounds on you smartphone when suction on i-cigarette detected
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A pipe with a sensor and bluetooth support, connected to your smartphone via bluetooth, feels suction and makes sounds and smoke screen.

A TastyTip (see my previous idea) could be added, as well as an air filter, so you get good ionized oxygen to breath.

pashute, Jul 25 2013

TastyTip [pashute, Jul 25 2013]


       The past Saturday I was told by someone at the synagogue that a little girl in my town drank from a bottle of an 'electric cigarette' filler, and died.   

       I believe its a new urban legend. According to the wp article (which is obviously under a dispute between supporters and opponents) everyone agrees that it does not contain any lethal concentration of poisonous ingredients, and that the ingredients are used in the food industry.   

       The dispute is whether advocating Nicotine usage without other tobacco toxins is advantageous.   

       So this idea is for the non-nicotine electric smokers.   

       This week I was exposed for the first time to the "Eddie Murphy died in ski accident" hoax. It has a changing date on its website, so that it shows that it happened "a few hours ago" and is constantly "breaking news" and "a developing story".   

       These guys are obviously still making money off it. I would demand they do some advertising for a cause Murphy and his family decide - for the grief they cause.
pashute, Jul 25 2013

       // for the grief they cause. //   

       You mean the mental distress when people find out Eddie Murphy's still alive ... ?
8th of 7, Jul 26 2013


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