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Converts Snow machine to Boat
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It is not uncommon for those who live in the northern watery regions such as Alaska to have both Boat and Snow machine, each only being utilized seasonlly . The Idea would be to mount the snow machine onto a Hull with a cutout for the machine and secure it to the hull using a quick connect latching. The snow machine paddle would be replaced with a longer more aggressive paddle tread which would paddle the boat along simular to the rubber band paddle boat of a childs. the snow machine's front skis would be replaced with rudders and would be steered as normal but would now glide up the river to catch those big salmon. This has alrready been done for personel water craft such as "skidoo" Seadoo".
shradius, Jul 15 2002

Snowmobile on water http://www.cbearz.com/main/kent/fun.html
they can be run without extra equipment if you maintain the speed [FarmerJohn, Jul 15 2002]

Thiokol Spryte Snow Cat http://www.speciale...m/media/snowcat.htm
Amphibious snowmobile. (Also does swamps, which I guess is to be expected.) [DrCurry, Jul 15 2002]


       I thought this was going to be a combination between a moat and a snout.
earl, Jul 15 2002

       Snowmobiles can cross nearly limitless expanses of open water without any modifications at all, provided you get a decent running start. Just don't stop, or you sink like a rock..
Mr Burns, Jul 15 2002

       O.K and what makes this idea better than the link????? you can slow down ,or turn or fall asleep and not sink!
shradius, Jul 15 2002

       Now that I can't find it... There used to be some pictures circling the web of a boat hull propelled by a Honda 250X dirtbike and paddle tire. Of course I can't find it when I could actually link to it.. The idea is almost identical except it used the bike instead of a sled.
Mr Burns, Jul 15 2002


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