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Tails For All

You're never alone with a tail
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One of my profoundest regrets about being human is that I am not equipped with a splendid and useful tail, like many other members of the animal kingdom.

I am sure that, with a little thought, the genetics chaps could come up with some scheme which would enable people to grow the tail of their choice, fully functional.

This would be a fascinating cultural phenomenon. A tail could be an additional emotional indicator, as well as (if of the prehensile variety) a useful third hand, for holding umbrellas and the like.

Whole new sections of the clothing, hairdressing and pornography industries would come into being. Religious fanatics would grow tails, solely for the purpose of being ashamed of them and tucking them away in the trousers. Tyrannical regimes would gleefully lop off their subjects tails for minor transgressions.

The possibilities are vast.

Mickey the Fish, Jul 19 2000

(??) What is a furry? http://www.zebra.net/~fivel/furry.htm
[StarChaser, Jul 19 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(??) Tailseekers http://www.geocities.com/tailseeker
Tailseekers Unite! [Wolfie, Jul 19 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(??) Viro's link. http://www.snakerobots.com/main.htm
Some really cool snakelike robots. Damn, now I want one of these... [StarChaser, Jul 19 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Kangaroos - do they use their tail for hopping? http://www.stfx.ca/...errestrialloco5.jpg
Yes, at low velocities. When they need to go fast, they switch to two-limb drive. [jutta, Jul 19 2000]

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Interesting collection of related medicine articles. [till, Feb 06 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

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From the Brunching Shuttlecocks. "...it's perfectly okay to spend eight weeks and five hundred dollars on a homemade badger suit so that you can wear it in public, but if you have sex in it you're just weird." [waugsqueke, Jun 28 2002]

Baked: 'do humans ever have tails?' http://www.straight...lassics/a1_077.html
Only a maximum of 9 inches long though. [pottedstu, Jul 09 2002]

Wagging tail http://www.wolftronix.com/tail/index.html
A mechanical wolf tail that wags. He's since had it airbrushed, so it looks better. [reece, Jul 24 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]

possibilities? Probably. http://www.popsci.c...2543,576464,00.html
brain activity controlled limbs. [ato_de, Oct 21 2004]

Animal Teeth http://www.halfbake...idea/Animal_20Teeth
Similar idea but with teeth [DesertFox, Oct 21 2004]

Sony advertisement http://www.youtube....watch?v=VsQE-Y2O2Fs
...people with tails is the current advertising gimmick for sony [xaviergisz, Oct 21 2004, last modified Mar 06 2013]

Venus On the Half Shell http://en.wikipedia...s_on_the_Half-Shell
The fun you can have with a tail, including sex, was covered pretty well in Venus On the Half Shell, by "Kilgore Trout" [jcatkeson, Apr 28 2006]

Screw On Mohawk http://www.sonypict...tabase/ep_121b.html
plate in the head with holes through the skin... [rascalraidex, Aug 17 2006]

Thought Controlled Prosthetics http://www.ric.org/bionic/
how the muscle contractions would work [rascalraidex, Aug 17 2006]

Thought Controlled Prosthetics Made Real. http://news.bbc.co....ci/tech/7423184.stm
BBC story on robotic arms controlled by thought alone. Not sure why they felt the need to use animals for this experiment but the outcome is fairly remarkable. [DrBob, May 29 2008, last modified Mar 12 2009]

t-shirt leftovers http://www.panix.com/~jutta/t-shirt/
Apparently, we're out of L and S. [jutta, Nov 06 2009]

Tails http://www.kigu.co.uk/shop/tails.html
Sickeningly cutesie. [DrBob, Nov 28 2012]

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[xaviergisz, Mar 06 2013]

(?) Tails for Tykes http://www.running-...dinosaur-tails.html
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I love this. [theleopard, May 23 2013]

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Until Sep 12. Remote-controlled. [jutta, Aug 19 2013]

Asos dinosaur tails http://m.asos.com/m...Plp&un_jtt_redirect
[Ling, Aug 28 2016]

The latest https://gizmodo.com...rry-with-1836974428
in robo-tail progress. [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 06 2019]


       I would think that sports and arts (especially the martial arts) would also undergo drastic modifications.
centauri, Jul 21 2000

       I had already voted it down, but the part about religious fanatics is too funny :-).
erik, Jul 21 2000

       I'm all for one, where do I sign up?   

       StarChaser Tyger
StarChaser, Jul 22 2000

       Could bring a whole new meaning to the phrase "Go f**k yourself" :)
ccaamgw, Jul 24 2000

       Just think - with the tail of a Spider Monkey and a generous pair of trousers you could surreptitiously scratch all those hard to reach places.
Uncle J, Jul 24 2000

       The sure sign of a mature technology is its adoption by the pornography industry - we saw it with the VCR, the telephone and the internet. I think the genetically engineered tail would be taken up pretty quickly.
hippo, Jul 24 2000

       Other way around...Pornography provides the impetus, then 'mature industry' picks it up. How many movies on DVD take advantage of the multiple camera angle ability? And how many of them aren't porn movies?
StarChaser, Jul 27 2000

       Umm - dunno. Not my area of expertise :-)

I did remember at the weekend though, I once read that some hundreds of years ago there was a minor royal family some of whom had small tails, thanks to generations of inbreeding (so, a similar kind of deformity to the Hapsburg Lip).
Inbreeding also caused some characters in Gabriel Garcia Marquez's One Hundred Years Of Solitude to have small tails.
hippo, Jul 31 2000

       I once had a cat named Lucy - a big, fluffy, white cat with a matching tail. That tail was the subject of much envy: it was an accessory, a statement of mood, and a method of dismissal. I want a tail like Lucy's.
girl, Sep 13 2000

       The possibilities for dating boggle the mind.   

       Especially with syndromes around called "alien hand syndrome"...in which your hand does things of its own accord that you do not consciously direct.   

       "Sorry. That wasn't me; it was my alien hand."   

       Only now it's the tail...wandering.   

       In college, the girls called me "the octopus". Hey, it's a start...
boris, Sep 15 2000

       yes, let's all get tails so we ahve one more thing to judge eachother by... one step forward for the individual, two steps way back for society...
celizafinn, Oct 16 2000

       yes, let's all get tails so we have one more thing to judge eachother by... one step forward for the individual, two steps way back for society...
celizafinn, Oct 16 2000

       Grunt 'n snort
thumbwax, Oct 16 2000

       PeterSealy, since when have humans proved intelligent? Perhaps tails would actually help us to develop intelligence.
Brog, Nov 01 2000

       Starchaser- This may be pretty obsolete now, but I have a few pornos on DVD with multiple angles. Vivid Video uses it quite a bit, but it isn't really a different angle, just different footage of the same scene. Ahem.
AfroAssault, Nov 17 2000

       That's what I meant. Beta died because the people who ran it didn't want to let it be used for porn. Secure servers on the internet were developed mostly so people could buy porn without getting their card numbers scammed (Any more than by the porn site, anyway).   

       About the only technology not driven by porn is computers, CPU's and video cards...that tends to be driven by gamers.
StarChaser, Nov 18 2000

       my tail is bigger than yours
spork, Jan 29 2001

       i want a prehensile tail so freakin' bad....   

       opposable big toes, too.
monkeyking47, Feb 16 2001

       I'm all for it, dude.   

       You could get your tail pierced like 85 times to be "bad".
drbubonic, Apr 04 2001

       Do people fidget with their hands and fingers because we no longer have a tail to wag? Just thinking...   

       Anyways, I'll take a big bushy squirrel tail, please.
Wes, Apr 05 2001

       Hard to pierce a tail, it's all fur and bone.   

       A squirrel tail would be lots of fun to fidget with...they seem to enjoy it too...
StarChaser, Apr 05 2001

       I haver strong feelings about this. I actually proposed this idea to my peers a few months back. They laughed, they mocked. I was shunned for weeks. A veritable social outcast. They called me "TailGirl" I'm glad I can find solidarity here on half-baked.   

       Thank you.
Cosmicgirl, Apr 12 2001

       On the same subject, surprisingly, maybe someone could find a use for the appendix.
JoshW, Apr 20 2001

       And just think, now instead of doing the "tap-you-on-the-shoulder-and-pretend-it-wasn't-me" you could embarass someone 3-4 feet away. Increased ability to ridicule people. Nice.
labellekel, Apr 21 2001

       Me and a mate of mine had this same discussion about a year ago. We came up with plans and everything- most of them involving staplers, and trips to the butcher shop. But, yeah, how cool would it be? A lot of people would be shocked, or offended at first- but as with many things, it would become mainstream, and Madonna would get one. Most people rekon I'm unstable, or that I was dropped on my head when I was a nipper- I shouldn't have mentioned the stapler idea. Place your order- One tattooed prehensile monkey tail coming up!
Wolfie, May 03 2001

       Cosmicgirl: You're not alone. Look up 'furry' or 'furries' on the net. There are lots of us.
StarChaser, May 04 2001

       Yeah, like Cosmicgirl, no-one really took me seriously. I can't really blame them, but this subject has one hell of a following on-line. Some give it a second thought, and others instantly dismiss the idea- it's funny.
Wolfie, May 04 2001

       may I have an invisible, recyclable, luminous, lighter-than-air, anti-gravity tail made out of meat?
absterge, May 04 2001

       'Furries'--we certainly have a mammalocentric view, eh? Nobody mentioned a lovely finny fishtail or a lean and whiplike lizard tail. How about a black gothic scorpion tail curled over your left shoulder? Well, there's absterge--is that an alien tail? To be quite frank, my first thoughts were all of the furry variety too. And of course our genes probably favor that kind anyway.
Dog Ed, May 05 2001

       Actually no. Reptiles, birds, insect/oids, dragons and other mythological critters are all 'furry' by courtesy. One of my best friends is a bluejay, and I myself am a part-time dragon. And mech. Ask me nicely sometime and I'll show you...We call ourselves 'furries' because the vast majority ARE mammalian, but everybody's welcome.
StarChaser, May 05 2001

       I didn't realize that, StarChaser. Interesting world you inhabit. Still, most of the annotations here referenced mammalian tails. That's interesting in a kind of have-nothing-better-to-think-about way, I guess.
Dog Ed, May 07 2001

       Would still have to have muscles installed in the lower back to move it. Tails <Mammalian, at least> do not have their own muscles, much like fingers. They're moved by tendons and ligaments...
StarChaser, May 07 2001

       I have a fishtail...but no legs. All things considered, legs are much more useful from my point of view.
salmon, May 07 2001

       Careful what you wish for, Salmon. Remember the deal the Little Mermaid <Not the disney abortion, the other one> made...
StarChaser, May 07 2001

       um, I thought leathery/scaly tails had muscles. If you were to cut off a lizard's tail (and I don't know from firsthand experience, this is purely conjecture and hearsay), wouldn't it writhe around a bit without being connected to any tendons? Certainly, squirrel tails and the like aren't muscle, but muscly tails must exist, no?
absterge, May 08 2001

       Lizard tails do...I did say 'mammalian, at least'...
StarChaser, May 08 2001

       Few women have sexual needs that involve deep penetration to begin with; that's mostly just a male fantasy. (The place that you like to think you can stick your dick to make us feel like real women is where we stick a tampon five days a month and forget about it for most of the day.) There are very few nerve endings in a vagina. Check further up and outside for the fun parts, and yes, we have hands.   

       [Ejs, if you want to argue with me, respond to what I'm saying, not to what you think it sounds like. You're trying to argue from selective anecdotal evidence. A better measure of vaginal vs. clitoral preferences among women would be to compare the number of dildos sold, minus those intended for a male recipient, to the number of vibrators sold. My local sex toy store happens to be Good Vibrations, which stocks a large selection of dildos and targets women; they happen to publish their top ten bestselling toys. Vibrators: 8. Dildos: 0. Admittedly, one of the vibrators is part of a G-spot kit, and of course some of the buyers are men.]   

       Nevertheless, a nice bushy tail might be interesting for both sexes ... mhh. Furr.
ping, May 19 2001, last modified May 22 2001

       Ping, you make it sound like women don't enjoy vaginal sex, and just put up with it so they can get direct clitoral stimulation later. You should go to your local sex toy shop and check out who's buying dildoes-- it's women, straight and gay (who also have hands).   

       Besides, we men don't stick our dicks there so you can feel like real women, we stick it there so we can feel like real men. ;)   

       Anyway, back to tails: As a baby step towards this, I'm going to strap a boa constrictor to my lower back, after I've implanted electrodes in its brain so I can control its movements with a joystick. In return, the boa constrictor will get to see what it's like having arms and legs. It doesn't get a joystick, though.
ejs, May 22 2001

       Actually, I'd rather have an elephant's trunk myself. It's a much more useful appendage than even the most prehensile of tails. The tip of it can grasp like a hand, taste like lips (I think) and snort like nostrils. Like having a big, wiggly Swiss Army knife stuck onto the front of your face.... Cool.
Guy Fox, May 22 2001

       I would really like a skunk tail! It would make people obey me more, and watch out how they treat me... hehehehe!
Skunkie, May 23 2001

       hmm, sounds good, but the seating industry would have to make some major changes. you'd have to put it somewhere to drive a car.
tekniq, Jul 17 2001

       One of the special interest groups at furry conventions is often Furgonomics. Where does one put the tail or wings...
StarChaser, Jul 19 2001

       I found this topic of discussion while searching about monkey tails. I really want a monkey tail. I infact am going to make some trousers with a monkey tail attachment so I can hold an umbrella or a sign or put my tail around some lovely girls waist. I am interested to learn more about this 'furries' group of Starchaser's. I want a cool monkey tail sooo much. Please Starchaser put up a url for the furries thing I want to meet other people who want tails. I know I probably can't get a real one. I want to however work on one I can control rather than one that has to be static until manipulated by hand. I am so plesed other people want a tail to. I thought I was alone until now.   

       Your friend whithout a tail but wants one,   

Monkeyboy2, Jul 25 2001

       Look at the 'What is a furry' link I posted earlier. There's a couple of good things on how to build tails, but they seem to be tango-uniform at the moment. I'd like to see one that would be controllable, myself; I've seen some ideas on it, but never a real one.
StarChaser, Jul 27 2001

       Hey thanx starchaser. Well I think I am a furry. I am going to make that monkey tail. Infact I want to have a whole monkey suit. If anyone finds a way of building a prehensile tail that works on its own please tell me I will love to know how to.
Monkeyboy2, Jul 27 2001

       "Orgasmic Gardening" and "Butt Bra" may have done nothing for StarChaser's ability to feel sexual pleasure, but he, like every other person ever to see the ideas, was polite enough to not throw a bizarre tantrum over them.
Monkfish, Jul 28 2001

       Mephista, I invite you to read my annotations and my webpage, and show me where I said anything about wanting a tail for sex. I mentioned porn as a reply to Hippo saying that the VCR was adopted by porn purveyors. It had nothing to do with tails.   

       Labeling something a rant before someone else does doesn't make it less offensive. Being a furry, people already assume that I fuck animals, without knowing me at all. Try learning a little bit before whipping out your broad brush.   

       'Bizarre tantrum' is a good description of your bitching. I was asked a question, and I answered.   

       Don't make generalizations about things you don't understand.
StarChaser, Jul 28 2001

       Hold up, Mephista, what's this shit about me and tails and sexual stuff? I personally would NOT like a tail, nor would I want to use one for sex. So maybe I own a few "mature videos," that's nothing compared to the child molestors, rapists, and all the other shitheads running around the streets as we speak.
Face it: Many people have fetishes. Mine goes no further than having tendencies towards girls who are shorter (not midgets, mind you). Is there something sick and wrong with that? Does that mean if the girl isn't around 4'11" I won't have anything to do with her? No, it doesn't. Here's a thought: Do you have a favorite color/song/book? YOU DO?! THAT'S A FETISH! YOU'RE SICK AND CRAZY AND BUILD HUTS OUT OF ROCKS AND EAT CARDBOARD AND ALL THE OTHER STUFF PEOPLE WITH FETISHES DO!
Let me restate: I do NOT find anything sexually appealing about a tail. You very much misrepresented me. People who are quick to slap labels and cast stones on others are VERY often people with dirtier hands than those they criticize. You can tell me you disapprove of anything I do, but do NOT falsely assume who I am or what I do.
AfroAssault, Jul 31 2001

       mephista - read Starchaser's Jul 26 2000 annotation as to why I commented about pornography. You obviously know me better than I know myself, as how you suddenly decided that I must harbor nothing but evil sexual thoughts with tails just because I made a sidenote on DVDs, which has nothing to do with tails. Using YOUR assumption guidelines, I can safely assume that you like to burn children at the stake in your backyard, shoot at your neighbors with a sawed off shotgun, and knit. How do I know these things? Because you used the word "humorous," and anyone who comments about things being humorous, which isn't directly related to tails being used for sexual matters, does these things. Oh, and you're commenting about sexually using tails, which BY GOD means you are the Queen Master Goddess of Using Tails For Sexually Exploiting People, Animals, and Cars for Fun and Profit.

My first annotation had NOTHING to do with using tails sexually, and yet your psychic powers gave you the ability to see straight through this and into "THE REAL ME," the one who thinks about nothing but hot sweaty Tail Sex. Maybe you should have a psychic line! I'd call it!
"Mephista! Help! What should I do with my life?" I'd say.
"Stop thinking about Tail Sex you damn dirty ape!" you'll scream at me.
"I was actually thinking about tanks running over Kung-Fu ninjas, but since you are Grand Master Psychic I must have actually been thinking about hard pounding Tail Sex! What a fool I am!"
"You are scum! Die! I summon Pokemon!"
AfroAssault, Aug 01 2001

       Given the sexual overtones of the number of 'For' votes currently standing at 69, I don't know if I should change my vote from For to Negative or Neutral. If I change it and somebody else comes along and votes for it, then it will be in the 69 position again. Then If someone else changes their vote to Negative or Neutral, and someone else comes along it will be going right back to 69 yet again. If some evil person amongst us sees that a member has swollen the count to beyond 69, they may try to manipulate the other members by applying slight pressure in order to get back into the 69 position. Then again, if those who have cast negative or no votes in the past change their votes to 'For', the tables may turn and go to say - 77, with 77, you get 8 more. There are those who have their hands tied, albeit losely - yet still show no resistance - perhaps they are submissive. There are others who display dominant characteristics, even though it appears they have assumed the missionary position. Naaaaah - Ithink I'll leave my vote to 'For' for the time being.
thumbwax, Aug 02 2001

       The idea is about humans with tails. Obviously if some humans think lewd thoughts in connection with mention of the idea, the same lewd thoughts would come into play if the idea were to be implemented somehow. So it seems perfectly legitimate then to discuss any possible sexual aspect of the notion.
PotatoStew, Aug 02 2001

       Present votes suggest a maximum milestone cap of 88. However, achieving a 96 would be the ultimate aesthetic in light of the core visual.
The Military, Aug 02 2001

       <humor, OK?>   

       "Freud's mystic world of meaning needn't have us mystified,
It's really very simple what your psyche tries to hide,
A thing's a phallic symbol if it's longer than it's wide,
As the 'id' goes marching on."

       --"Glory, Glory Psychotherapy", by Melanie Safka   

Dog Ed, Aug 02 2001

       Hey, I'm still having trouble using these crazy opposable thumbs. This space bar's a pain in the butt!
ginarfel, Aug 02 2001

       Mephista, I said 'fidget', not 'masturbate'.
Main Entry: 2fidget
Date: 1754
intransitive senses : to move or act restlessly or nervously

       I have seen squirrels sit in one place and move their rear end side to side, flicking their tails left, right and forward. They look cute when they do this.   

       My mention of piercing was adding a bit of reality into the discussion; tails tend to be mostly fur, then skin and bone, nothing much to pierce.   

       Someone, somewhere, finds EVERYTHING sexual. Cars, baseballs, power tools <like saws. Get your mind out of the gutter. I don't like the crowding...> the bible. If this offends you, you're going to spend a lot of time offended.   

       You intrepreted my annotations as being 'approving' of porn, when for the most part, they were neutral at best. Look up the history of the Beta tape format for yourself, and see why there aren't Beta home units anymore.   

       As it happens, I DO approve of pr0n. It does not hurt anyone <Aside from kiddy porn, which is an equine of an entirely different chroma>, despite all the wailing about how it 'exploits' women. <I know a lot about computers, thus I exploit my abilities and get paid for it, while my employer exploits me to get calls answered and get paid. The women have attractive bodies, and exploit this asset to make money, or for the thrill of showing themselves off.>   

       I didn't feel that 'defend(ing) the idea that tails are something other than pornographic.' was necessary, as the annotations were humorous. Not to mention the fact that humans will use ANYTHING for sex. Fingers, toes, tongues, ears, toys, fruits, vegetables, unbalanced washing machines.   

       In short <too late...> I feel you're wildly overreacting to a bit of humor to begin with, and to 'pornography = EEEEVIL!' in general.
StarChaser, Aug 04 2001

       Yeah, what he said - And I'm older and meaner and uglier.
thumbwax, Aug 06 2001

       Tails? Shoplifting! Blessing also for RSI-patients, computer-gamers. Arresting shoplifters! (catch their tail).
rrrddsnl, Aug 19 2001

       It would be great only if you could choose what kinda tail. Just think if you got stuck (sic) with a porcupine tail. This would also have an impact on the rocking chair industry big time. It might hurt too if it got slammed in a car door, or an elevator door... any kind of door in fact...now a kangaroo tail would be cool... BOING, BOING and your at the front of the line. The uneven bars in a Gymnastics tourney would take on a whole new dimension. It might even help a drunk in walking the white line. Just think, your aunt could use a little spit on the end of her tail and wipe a bit of grime off your face. Polite people would still use a tissue after a juicy sneeze. There would be gangs of Striped tails. My cat would be jealous (he's a Manx!)
pinkpanties, Sep 21 2001

       //now a kangaroo tail would be cool... BOING, BOING and your at the front of the line.//   

       Last time I checked, kangaroos used their legs for "boing boinging". Their tails are used to aid in balance.
mighty_cheese, Sep 25 2001

       Ok, I really think that you people watch too much Spiderman unlimited, look at what the Beastials are up to, world doination, bio-engineering not to mention the persicution of humans without tails or fur! Is this what you all want, IS IT, IS IT.
AceClown, Sep 27 2001

       You do realize that to support a human's weight, they'd have to be six inches thick...
StarChaser, Oct 06 2001

       after reading ping's response to ejs, i want to have sex with her... yes, sex... with her... the sooner, the better... preferably, right now... -coke
COKE HITS, Nov 02 2001

       Wow, and I thought that the Halfbakery was above such comments as "f*** you," "...i want to have sex with her... " and the like. My respect for quite a few of you (and not just those that I quoted) has been lessened quite noticably.   

       Back to the subject, I would love to have a tail. Although it might get in the way sometimes, it would have many advantages. I want a long one with long, soft, thick fur. However, there might be a problem with shedding...
Galileo, Nov 02 2001

       Guys, guys, guys...no reason to get upset. It's okay to have more than one opinion presented here. That's the fun in 1/2Bakery, right? On tails for humans: I'm a big fan of the fish-tail idea...think of how fast you could swim with such a marvelous appendage! English Channel? Pshaw! Too simple...
MonumentInGreen, Nov 04 2001

       Seems to me it would be possible to surgically build a small, moveable tail from bits and pieces taken from elsewhere on one's body. It might be troublesome in some chairs and on dirty thrones in public tiled rooms, but I'd have one just so's I could wag it back at my happy dog. Might learn something from the dog with that sort of silent conversation.
entremanure, Nov 12 2001

       Whew. I missed all this action. Glad I did.
bristolz, Nov 12 2001

       Whew. I missed all this action. Glad I did.   

       -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bristolz, Nov 12 2001   

       Yeah, me too. Well, ah, I just signed up out of pure boredom, but now I'm still bored. I think I know how they can do the horses tails: they can easily graft hair to the end of the spinal column. For just tails in general, I think they should take the DNA of an animal, and then maybe go from there. Yeah, yeah, I bet my little plan has about a million mistakes-- but it's a start, right?
Turin, Nov 23 2001

       Only one big mistake. Genetic modification does not work on individuals. You cannot have your specific DNA changed.   

       And They don't 'graft hair to the spinal column'.
StarChaser, Nov 24 2001

       does the tail have to be organic? (sorry if any mention of this has already been made) but a little metal or wooden contraption might be useful with a battery operated motor for wagging motion. Clip it to your clothes.
po, Nov 25 2001

       A poor substitute, but one that thousands of furries resort to. Not wood or metal, tho...
StarChaser, Nov 25 2001

       (Wagging): "Hey baby, notice I'm excited?"
Suitonym, Jan 17 2002

       Star, will you answer him or shall I?
po, Jan 17 2002

       Ooh, let me:

Suitonym - Your question is answered by your need to utter it.

po - how was that? Was it clear enough?
quarterbaker, Jan 17 2002

       I couldn't have done it better myself...
StarChaser, Jan 17 2002

       The count stands at 98+ for this. I must confess I remain completely baffled by the outpouring of support for this concept. I shall not fishbone, however, as I clearly do not understand enough to make a sound judgment.   

       Perhaps we can rename this idea to "Tails for Everyone except waugsqueke".
waugsqueke, Jan 18 2002

       Think of the POINTING possibilites...Holding a map and POINT over there...holding a can of beer and a cigarette "Its over there Bud"...making love in a park and telling someone to "F##K off"   

       Various moods u could express...scared, excited, angry, horny(expressed by poking it up and thru ur legs), hey u could even scratch ur head in a comical manner:D
LeighBoy, Jan 28 2002

       Hey! wow this is amazing! i always thought i was crazy for wanting a tail. lol guess not. I always imagined having a large thick tail. I'm a snorkler/scuba diver and thing it would be really cool to have a thick tail kinda like an aligators or an otters to help me swim at high speeds through the water or a whip like tail would be cool to. To use it to pick up things like another hand and maybe as a martial arts tool or weapon. wouldn't it be so cool!!
hooger43, Feb 03 2002

       // ... one that thousands of furries resort to ... //   

       There are _thousands_ of furries? I'm not understanding what the concept of 'furry' is all about.
waugsqueke, Feb 04 2002

       Excuse me, everyone involved in the whole furry thing, if I'm wrong about this, but I thought I'd interject.   

       Isn't there a show on M.T.V. about furries, just in case anyone is curious? From what I have seen of it, it mostly just exploits the sexual side of the whole furry business. Just thought I'd add a comment about this, as I too am somewhat bemused by the whole tail idea.
Pseudonym #3, Feb 05 2002

       Tens of thousands. FurryMUCK, the largest and oldest MUCK, had eight thousand characters as of seven years ago. I haven't seen stats since...Read the first link waaay up there...   

       Pnym3: No, I didn't know that. When is it on?
StarChaser, Feb 08 2002

       Yick, that MTV special was just an attack piece. Hey, look at all the plushies, zoofiles and other furr-verts. Be glad you missed it.   

       Personally, I think a tail would be nice, but I'd sooner take wings or improved senses like eagle/hawk distance vision, bat's radar or canine sense of smell. I can emote well enough already (atleast in person, we are all limited in our internet emoting where tails won't help).   

       To bring up an old thread-- Yes, Porn has driven it's fair share of innovations. They were the early implementers of Real, and Quicktime products(Microsoft is again a latecomer to new markets). But the computer itself was mostly driven by the need to accurately calculate balistics for artillery. War beats porn as the overall best motivator to develop new technologies. I like war much better than porn.
Aspera, Mar 28 2002

       "furr-verts"... hehe, great word.   

       One would imagine that having a canine sense of smell would make life virtually unbearable. Most cities generally smell bad enough as it is, without amplification.   

       I'd take talons, if offered.
waugsqueke, Mar 28 2002

       Not surprised that the MTV thing was an attack piece. Most of them are.
StarChaser, Mar 29 2002

       You know, if you had a really fluffy tail it would require a lot of maintenance- as you'd have to brush it every day if you didn't want it to get matted up.   

       It would be nice to have a short-furred tail, though :)
rythil, Mar 29 2002

       I dunno... Positive aspects of tails: Utter coolness. Emotional expression. Outlet for furries. Sexual aspects (yes, there are some, with any part of the body. Ask a foot fetishist.) Possible use for offense.   

       Negative aspects: Chairs. Slamming doors (ouch). Stupid brats who enjoy harming people. Stigma. Toilets (how the heck do you do that with a tail? Let alone the positioning, what if it gets in the way?). Getting the danged thing to work.   

       I think I'd have to stay neutral on this. Although I would like a nice thick reptilian tail to thwock people with if I get sufficiently peeved.
Delcan, Apr 10 2002

       This one just keeps coming up.   

       Why a tail, when there are so many other animal physical characteristics that would be more useful to us? Chameleon pigmentation. Cloven hooves. Ink sacs. Regenerative dentition. Dual iguana penises.
waugsqueke, Apr 10 2002

       Prrrr... I'm furry, and I want tail, too. =^.^= (and, mind you, furry is NOT about zoophilia or whatever). So far, I have a nice leopardtail I proudly wear on weekends, but I want something more purrrrrmanent... And controllable, too... BTW, recent studies proved that the brain would accustomize to a new appendice over a rather short period of time.
Wesha, May 22 2002

       I would guess Kat.
FarmerJohn, May 23 2002

       Oh God I Want A Tail So Bad I Will Do Anthing
stateline2, Jun 26 2002

       With a name like "Mephista" is she serious? sigh. no, that's not fair of me. How's this- I think about sex and literature constantly. I have always wanted a prehensile tail, but never for sexual activities- I'd think of it as sticking my foot somewhere. yuk. I would love to hold tails with my boyfriend as we walk down the street and to tease my cat with my tail. I could use my tail to direct the mouse while I'm surfing online!! yay!
captivity, Jun 28 2002

       There is a sci fi short story (forget by who, was 40 years ago) where everyone on earth is born with a tail, after a certain date. One of the consequences is that you have to sit backwards on toilets.. but they lower the tanks & make them into tables.. and people born 'pre tail' make mock tails to pretend they are younger! I gotta say, those 'tail on a belt' things kids wear seem fun for the 4 year old set.
pfperry, Jun 29 2002

       There are so many possible uses for a tail, and so many different kinds. It's hard to decide. On the one hand(or other appendage), a nice bushy squirrely one would be lovely on land, but wouldn't be any help at all in the water, too much hair.   

       Maybe big strong legs with webby toes to go with it?   

       And a side order of claws, for climbng trees and picking up nice fresh onion rings without burning my fingertips. And the human tongue is ditressingly short, what if I want gecko-style eyes with those nice clear hard covers. I'd need a longer tongue to lick them clean.   

       Maybe scales too...   

       I'm either a furry or just plain weird. :)
Pikathulhu, Jul 02 2002

       The more well-endowed males of the planet could always just... improvise
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       instead of genetics (which allows no choice for the recipient) use (semi) existing medical technology with metal/plastic bones and muscle and skin grafts to construct a tail from scratch. nervous system would be difficult (nigh on impossible), both to make and connect. to start with they would be short, bald kangaroo/lizard-style tails, further variation would take longer to develop.
chud, Jul 03 2002

       Hahaha... just thinking - what would all the anti-fur activists have to say if we all had luxuriously furry tails? Hmn. I suppose the same, huh? Never mind.
Yenny, Jul 23 2002

       A tail... A tail... My kingdom for a tail
thumbwax, Jul 24 2002

       Im with skunkie it would be cool to have a skunk tail. so no one would mess with you
Skunkman, Aug 20 2002

       Also With the skunk tail i would love to have the musk gland installed so to let all you punks out there dont mess with me. Then i would like to have black fur on my back with two white stripes going down, a muzzle and paws. Then black fur on the rest of my body. Then i would be the skunk man.
Skunkman, Aug 23 2002

       I God had wanted us to have a tail... oh you know!
bspollard, Sep 16 2002

       For over two years now, I've watched this idea bounce in and out of the recent list and I'm amazed that, in all that time, nobody has mentioned how difficult it would be to lay down in the bath if you had a tail.
DrBob, Sep 16 2002

       I cannot see a problem with bathing at all [bob]. they are quite pliable after all. a prehensile tail could hold the soap - how neat would that be?
po, Sep 16 2002

       Quite interesting to see how the HB has evolved. An idea like this posted now would be pelted with fishbones and be mfd'ed for "Genetic Engineering Magic". One would hypothetize that as the HB population grew, and ideas of this nature became more common, genetic engineering became an annoyance and evolved into downright taboo.
BinaryCookies, Sep 17 2002

       Movie critics give this idea two tails way, way up.   

       This is a little off-topic but, Ive seen online that the human genome project is complete, so where are all the the wonderful advancements we where promised? But back on topic, if anyone actually started using our gene info we could all probably get a tail, if we could afford it...
Charlesr1, Oct 19 2004

       [For over two years now, I've watched this idea bounce in and out of the recent list and I'm amazed that, in all that time, nobody has mentioned how difficult it would be to lay down in the bath if you had a tail.]   

       I disagree - that would only be trouble if you based your tail on a velociraptors' tail. On the other hand, something canine/ feline/ draconic/ whatever would tend to be plenty flexible, at least (especially?) near the base of the tail.
Chrontius, Oct 20 2004

       My MFD got lost in the crash. But here’s another: [marked–for–deletion] genetic magic and let’s all have tails (or wings, or four stomachs, or elephant trunks).
ldischler, Nov 24 2004

       thanks, ditto   

       [marked-for-deletion] genetics, magic etc.
dentworth, Nov 24 2004

       I think I've baked the four stomachs one.
etherman, Nov 24 2004

       Yeah, MFD all you want, but there's far too much here to throw away. Also, it's not simply 'genetic magic'. There's people in the mainstream medical community (well... not sure how mainstream, but there's doctors and professors :) ) who believe that human *wings* are possible; tails should be pretty trivial using vat-grown tissue.
Chrontius, Nov 30 2004

       Nothing's sacred.
bristolz, Nov 30 2004

       There are also people in the mainstream medical community who think the world was built in seven days by a chap with a beard... And possibly even more worrying, some that really believe that Liverpool are the best team on merseyside!

       Scary stuff!
MikeOliver, Dec 01 2004

       I think we all know deep in our hearts that this is verging on magic. The reason it shouldn't be deleted is that it is a superb idea, thoroughly explored and resonant with many HBers.

This one's had the rules bent for it because it's just that good.
DocBrown, Dec 01 2004

       Well, that’s a matter of opinion. In any case, it was anticipated by humorist H. Allen Smith, who wrote “The Age of the Tail” some fifty years ago.
ldischler, Dec 01 2004

       //Well, that's a matter of opinion//
Like pretty much everything on here, then [ldischler]? Current opinion seems to be pro-TFA in an approximate 3:1 ratio.
DocBrown, Dec 01 2004

       Smith also wrote such notables as “A Short History of Fingers” and “How to Write Without Knowing Nothing.” (I intend to study that latter book as soon as the library opens.)
ldischler, Dec 01 2004

       I like the sound of his autobiography "To Hell in a Handbasket" and an article he wrote called "Nobody knows more about Chilli than I do". Thanks for the tip.
DocBrown, Dec 01 2004

       //I think we all know deep in our hearts that this is verging on magic//   

       Erhm... *medical technology* is what's verging on magic, in all honesty. Wired News just today had an article that rased the prospect of genetically engineered cells that turn into stem cells without going through the embryo phase, and using these to grow *replacement parts* for *people*.   

       Just trying to keep this in perspective.
Chrontius, Dec 07 2004

       if everyone had a tail, the world would be a better place. if i had a foxes tail, my world would be better. although, the people at my job would look at me funny.   

       tails rule.   

       a prehensile fox tail would be so choice.
blue_fox, Jan 02 2005

       that would be so flippin' sweet! yessssss...
napoleonstots, Jan 03 2005

       Degenerates. All of you. Look at me, instead, with my pretty snake in place of a tail. With head and all. That's normality for you. Foxe's tails, ugh!.
clementedelacuadra, Jan 04 2005

       //There are also people in the mainstream medical community who think the world was built in seven days by a chap with a beard... //   

       Not seven literal days, and not even a literal beard. That's merely the stereotype. I hear people are finding interpretations that actually agree with modern scientists' beliefs....   

       Now back on topic, I made a post here a long time ago, which got deleted in that October crash. I'll try to go over it again, but better and more rationally than before.   

       Now it's not easy to be un-biased about it, being semi-furry myself. I do feel much like Blue Fox, though to a lesser extent, and with strong feelings that this is quite an eccentric idea. And yet... //Movie critics give this idea two tails way, way up.// ...how much I'd like to be able to hold two up....   

       //... let's all get tails so we have one more thing to judge eachother by... //, //My tail is bigger than yours//, etc.   

       As we actually get to -choose- the qualities of this appendage, I don't see how that makes this different from any other bodily decoration (like big earrings or long hair).   

       //One of the special interest groups at furry conventions is often Furgonomics. Where does one put the tail or wings...//   

       I find it quite fascinating myself. I haven't thought about it all that frequently, but surely new clothing designs can evolve if any popularity ever arose for this new appendage.   

       //Do people fidget with their hands and fingers because we no longer have a tail to wag? Just thinking...//   

       Good thinking indeed. Is it not true that you'd expect nervous animals to have fidgety tail movements, and not paw movements?
Albino Fox, Jan 24 2005

       I've wanted a tail ever since I watched Jumanji as a kid.
tsuchan, Jan 24 2005

       would love a tail wrapped round me...   

       putting my + back
po, Apr 05 2005

       Ahhh, wouldn't it be nice if... oh wait, that's like a no-no right. WIBNI.   

       I'm not reading these annos so maybe this has been covered, but I'm ashamed that this idea is the second highest rated idea on the website. That is simply shameful.   

Blumster, May 31 2005

       I agree.
bristolz, May 31 2005

       does "Best" only come up when you annotate? or is it just me? I thought it was an option lost.
Zimmy, May 31 2005

       Not really sure. All I know is that I've never understood why this was so highly rated.
AfroAssault, May 31 2005

       (Walks away with furry tail between legs, head downcast, ashamed, and humiliated, thinking "let's all".)
blissmiss, May 31 2005

       My [+] is still there after the crash, nailed to the masthead. And there it stays.
wagster, May 31 2005

       Hey, it's a great idea, so bun bun bun away, and what's wrong with the 57 people who don't like the idea of a tail? One of lifes mysteries.   

       This could create more ways of 'bonding' with people, like instead of holding hands, the more discreet holding tails... I'm kidding.
froglet, May 31 2005

       Let's all... make this the first idea to go from +100 to -100.
daseva, May 31 2005

       over my dead body!   

       hey froglet, a tv prog I saw tonight, saw you making friends with toads - if you get my meaning...
po, May 31 2005

       [froglet] I think the majority of the 58 dissenters object to the way this idea has had the rules bent for it, not to the concept of having tails. Read the annos (if you can be bothered) for the cut and thrust.
DocBrown, Jun 01 2005

       This is easy to bake. Find people with tails and have sex with them.
disbomber, Jun 02 2005

       This idea is old, has a lot of commentary and history and is on the halfbakery T-shirts and other printed items so it is difficult for me or other moderators to hit the delete button. It's sort of been painted into place.
bristolz, Jun 03 2005

       But think of how valuable those shirts would be if you did hit the delete. So go ahead bris, hit it!
ldischler, Jun 03 2005

       I want a tail with short, warm fur that I can wrap around myself to keep me warm.
dbmag9, Aug 11 2005

       I love [disbomber]'s way of baking this. I can't believe nobody thought of it before.   

       This has so much wrong with it that it is unreal. Let's all, magic, WIBNI, WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR. Actually, come to think of it, this is probably as close as anyone has ever gotten to completely contradicting the help file, and gotten away with it.   

       I quite like that the second most popular idea on the site also has the second most fishbones.
hidden truths, Aug 11 2005

       When was magic added to the MFD help file? Does this idea pre-date that? (not that it's an excuse for leaving this alone, as you don't really need one)
oxen crossing, Aug 12 2005

       There are plenty of even worse ideas that get by, but no one puts a label on them. Anyway, the bakery’s all in fun...right?

<A suspicion: one or more of the moderators are monkeys.>
ldischler, Aug 12 2005

       Moderation evolves and has its mutations, too.
bristolz, Aug 12 2005

       Everything in moderation, moderation included.
wagster, Oct 02 2005

       Seems like a couple other people got in before me, but what the hey...   

       nice idea, [+]
Mr Phase, Dec 06 2005

       At first I found this amusing.   

       Now I've read it all, I think it'd be a great idea! (prehensile) tails for all!
putterling, Apr 25 2006

       If you consider that embryos have a tail at some point and that tails are in our genetic history we are actually quite close to being able to make this a reality IMHO.   

       I was having a discussion with friends about technology and asked "If you could have any technological or genetic physical enhancement, what would it be". Tails were not mentioned, but wings were.   

       I believe that within my lifetime, having a fully functional tail will be an option.   

       edit: and it's not only the porn industry that srurs invention, the military do too. I think they'd find the idea of a usable tail interesting.
marklar, Apr 26 2006

       //the military do too. I think they'd find the idea of a usable tail interesting// - What makes you think that?
wagster, Apr 26 2006

       They find uses for everyting.
Germanicus, Apr 28 2006

       //the military do too. I think they'd find the idea of a usable tail interesting//   

       If the tail was quite dextrous, if could be use to help operate a weapon or military vehicle .. ?
kuupuuluu, Apr 28 2006

       Just saw this in the Simpsons: where Bart gets to look at his future teenage years. A lady comes out of some kind of cosmetic surgery storefront, looking quite normal until she turns around.
Ling, Jun 04 2006

       what about a screw on tail with a metal plate, kinda like the screw in mohawk peircings some have, placed in the lower back, probobly attatched to the pelvic bone. There would be small electrode pads placed over, or electrodes grafted into the muscles of your butt, that would make the tail move kinda like prosthetics that can open and close the hands with movements of the chest muscles. The tail would probobly have to be made of superlight materials so it wouldnt seriously screw up your posture..
rascalraidex, Aug 17 2006

       also.. as far as military applications.. the tail could easily be a camera like device, a seperate gun(probobly have to be reinforced for recoil), or even have detatchable segments that fall off and detonate after a few seconds for cover during retreat... maybe a grappling hook .. hah...
rascalraidex, Aug 17 2006

       //Just saw this in the Simpsons: where Bart gets to look at his future teenage years. A lady comes out of some kind of cosmetic surgery storefront, looking quite normal until she turns around.//   

       I saw that one too. Funny thing is that I could have sworn that in at least one episode I've seen signs on the shops that look very similar to halfbakery ideas. I saw one which was about getting tails put on.   

       Of course, there are loads of Simpsons episodes, and I've see pretty much all of them, so I don't have any evidence. Therefore I have come to the conclusion that either there is a halfbaker or somebody who frequents the Halfbakery who happens to work on background design for The Simpsons. No, I can't substantiate this claim, but oh well.
froglet, Aug 19 2006

       is ther no new info on the subject???
zerotheking, Aug 04 2007

DrBob, May 29 2008

simonj, Mar 10 2009

       well with 202 +'s after 9 years I'm guessing the whimsy content more than makes up for the lack of science-content. Perhaps a review of what constitues "magic" and "bad science" and WIBNI mfd's since some posts clearly override them.
FlyingToaster, Mar 11 2009

       I don't want a tail. How will I sit on the subway?
plasticspoon, Mar 12 2009

       // I know, loophole, right?
Usually, I'd ignore that. We don't normally grandfather in old ideas. This one I'm holding back on because it's on the halfbakery t-shirt and I'm a sentimental fool.
jutta, Mar 12 2009

       Yeah I wasn't really suggesting an MFD, I personally think that the number of votes should veto any MFD. The mob has spoken after all.
simonj, Mar 12 2009

       so... you don't want a tail ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 12 2009

       yes of course most chairs, etc. would have to be redesigned a bit and there would be structural challenges if one were to opt for a power or gross-balance type tail (kangaroo or something sufficient to hang from a tree by) and of course having a default posture of standing upright presents challenges in itself, but still......
FlyingToaster, Mar 12 2009

       gunna have mine steel-tipped and learn how to crack the whip with it.
FlyingToaster, Mar 12 2009

       "The possibilities are vast."   

       Having waited 9 years now to read this in 2009, i was going to say that in the spirit of the site, the possibilities are half-vast.   

       But I decided that I should see if anyone else had already said it.   

       I didn't read all of the hundreds of posts. So it still seems that I can say it, but it is really not true at all!   

       It is very vast.
bobzaguy, Sep 06 2009

       //the possibilities are half-vast.//   

       There's a tag-line waiting to get out, there.
Ling, Sep 06 2009

       Well.. 9 years on since I posted this, and progress has been slow. I'm pleased to see it's still drawing comment though. The genetics chaps have obviously been concentrating on more worthy endeavours, like mice that glow in the dark. Anyway, what's all this about a tee-shirt, Jutta? Do featured contributors get a free one?
Mickey the Fish, Nov 06 2009

       I suppose your tail would be rather scaley!?
po, Nov 06 2009

       > What's this about a tee-shirt?
There's a halfbakery t-shirt (since 2002 or so); see link. Most sizes are gone by now, though. On the back, there are little illustrations of the ten most popular ideas, and this is one of them, in spite of the pretty obvious "using GM as magic" marked-for-deletion tag.

       And yes, there still are pencils.
jutta, Nov 06 2009

       [Jutta] Are there still pencils? Every now and again I've looked at that page and assumed that you must surely be out of them.
kaz, Nov 07 2009

       I still have my pencils, and my tee shirt. And I still love this idea because it used to drive [waugsqueke] crazy. "NOT an invention", he would screech.
blissmiss, Nov 07 2009

       //And yes, there still are pencils.//

<scrabbles around for a pen and some stamps> Woo! </scrabbles around for a pen and some stamps>
kaz, Nov 08 2009

       We should not be too hasty to brand stuff as 'Magic'. Todays magic is tomorrow's everyday technology. And as Arthur C Clarke said: "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic"
Mickey the Fish, Nov 09 2009

       When Francis Collins was on the Colbert Report, Colbert asked him if our new knowledge of the human genome could outfit him with a pair of lobster claws. Collins did not, in so many words, deny that it could be done.
swimswim, Nov 10 2009

       Finally, finally baked. I was browsing the web, looking for something completely different, when I came upon a "furry hypnosis" website containing files meant to cause the user to have full-sensory hallucinations of fur, pawpads... and tails.   

       I can speak from personal experience that they work. It is but a pale imitation of true bakage, but it will do until genetic research can provide.
Hive_Mind, Feb 20 2010

       Link. Please!
jtp, Feb 21 2010

       This idea is much like Jesus Christ.
daseva, Feb 22 2010

       //This idea is much like Jesus Christ//
Offspring of blue-collar worker?
Iron Age?
coprocephalous, Feb 23 2010

Furry Bearded?
blissmiss, Feb 23 2010

       //This idea is much like Jesus Christ//   

       Inexplicably popular?   

       Edit: ... despite being decried as magic and as irrelevant to modern society.
marklar, Feb 23 2010

       Re: the drawbacks of tails - I am equipped with a frontal tail of sorts and still manage to wear clothes and sit on chairs. Cats and dogs also seem to be able to manage sitting without difficulty, so I fail to see how it would be a problem unless you put the tail where your anus is. (sorry for the mental imagery).   

       Re: magic - this is clearly a possibility in varied forms. A simple detachable tail that sways gaily back and forth as you walk would be easy. Prosthetic limbs/ears/eyes are all somewhat developed, so a tail would be of similar complexity, although it may have to share motor control with another area, eyebrows would be best I think, both for how your tail moved when you were surprised/cross and the look on your face when your tail holds a mug of coffee.
marklar, Feb 23 2010

       YES! Me wanty!!
XSarenkaX, Mar 26 2010

       I've always wondered why this Idea was never given an MFD due to "Let's All" --it says "All" right there in the title, after all. (Not that I'm going to do that, but am still wondering.)
Vernon, Mar 26 2010

       I believe it was grandfathered in as predating that rule.
normzone, Mar 26 2010

       I'm keeping this one around because it's on the original halfbakery t-shirt. (There is no "grandfathering" and "predating" and all that.)
The idea has been, correctly, marked for deletion many times over.
jutta, Mar 26 2010

       Thank you, [jutta].
Vernon, Mar 26 2010

       and I almost posted the same anno I did last year about this time.
FlyingToaster, Mar 27 2010

       Sick, Dr.Bob, just plain old sick. Bleh...
blissmiss, Nov 28 2012

       So which one will you be buying then, blissy?
DrBob, Nov 30 2012

       So, listen to Jay Mohr doing Walken wishing he had a tail. No doubt, he's a baker.
theleopard, May 23 2013

       Ha jutta's link bakes this. Too funny.
blissmiss, Aug 19 2013


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