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wind belt

A bustle with the O2 life giving rustle.
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Since the Martian atmosphere has a tiny fractional proportion of Oxygen in C02, how about a belt carrying miniature trees each with a stalked LED to light to photosynthesis. Oxygen will ebb out and each person will have there own personal O2 column.

Constant Martian-scaping will be needed to stimulate new growth and boost Oxygen output. Although, due to Martians having to be multi-talented people, the chosen topiary designs will be up to each individual.

Currently the wind belt is still in development, as gas ratios need tweaking in a more upward direction. These future steps in development will been seen via the fields of plant pharmaceuticals and the some clever CRISPR-cas9 flourishes.

Wind Belt, a belt of life. Note: Product is vaporwear.

wjt, Sep 22 2019

How many plants would you need to generate oxygen for yourself in an airlock? https://io9.gizmodo...xygen-for-y-5955071
A leaf gives off about five milliliters of oxygen per hour. [Voice, Sep 22 2019]


       ^ Money for old rope ...
8th of 7, Sep 22 2019

       Nice, a belt of living hemp. Some genetic riffling with some air plants may be in order, though.
wjt, Sep 22 2019

       The plants could be hydroponic. Accessing a nearby source of nutrient-rich water would be piss easy ...
8th of 7, Sep 22 2019

       So not a belt, more of a longer, thicker, wet kilt of phytoplankton.
wjt, Sep 23 2019

       I thought plants mainly breathed (brothe?) at night, instead photosynthesizing in the day.
notexactly, Sep 24 2019

       //I thought plants mainly breathed (brothe?) at night, instead photosynthesizing in the day.//   

       Some plants (wikipedia says "about 3% of all terrestrial species") effectively separate initial carbon fixation and photosynthesis, which can give them an advantage under various conditions (drought, low [C02], high temperatures etc). This is called C4 carbon fixation.
Most plants do both at once, fixing C02 directly.
Loris, Sep 24 2019

       Good to know; thanks for the info.
notexactly, Sep 24 2019


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