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So Knotty

Nice an' gnarly
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Currently, genetic engineering is being used by commercial tree farmers to make 'better' wood -- burns hotter, has fewer knots, grows faster in poorer soil with less disease, sterility (so it won't change ecosystems), and so on.

However, I propose we take one particular feat of genetic engineering -- namely, to have fewer knots -- and put it in reverse; to have *more* knots.

While growing, it would not grow up straight, but rather creepy, curling about. As an additional bonus, it'd be easier to climb.

When chopped down, the extra knots would make it burn irregularly, 'popping' rather more often. Just the right kind to cuddle before, and fun for the kids.

Almafeta, Oct 28 2004


       I thought knots had to do with the former presence of limbs?
ldischler, Oct 28 2004

       i wonder if more limbs means more wood, or its all relative to the overall combined mass - do trees with more limbs thus have less trunk girth?
benfrost, Oct 30 2004

       I think so... at least it's that way with elephants.   


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