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Root Bonsai

Have the part of the plant below ground beautifully sculpted to match the top.
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Clear growth mediums are a thing, and specifically a narrow slot of the stuff that causes the roots to grow in a mostly two dimensional pattern. These are used with clear planters so the roots can be observed.

The idea is to grow a bonsai plant where, in addition to molding, trimming and sculpting the top portion, the roots are accessed by laying the whole thing flat, removing the front panel and sculpting the roots as well, most likely in a pattern that matches or compliments the upper portion of the plant.

I'd start with the top part doing a swirly pattern in one direction and the roots doing a swirly pattern in the other direction, but obviously it'd be up to the artist / gardener.

You know, if I were going to do this I think I'd want the whole thing, top and bottom to be growing between two pieces of glass so the whole plant would be mostly two dimensional.

doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2023

Clear planters and growth mediums are already a thing. https://www.lakesho...RtrdM0aAv6CEALw_wcB
Sculpt the roots and make them pretty to compliment the top. [doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2023]

Only vaguely references bonsai ... Banzai_20Baseball
[normzone, Feb 22 2023]


       Huh. I had big dreams of this getting like 3,000 buns, setting a record and setting me up to be the biggest, richest root bonsai advocate since... whoever else might have thought of this.   

       But alas. Only thing sadder than a bonestorm (which can be kind of interesting) is that lonely (0).   

       "Oh lonely 0, oh lonely 0, it saddens me to see.   

       I'd rather have a bone storm, than ne're a vote like thee."
doctorremulac3, Feb 19 2023

       IIRC (doubtful...) caring for & trimming the roots is an integral part of bonsai, to keep the little tree properly healthy more than for the "look" of the root structure. Although I'm not sure the traditional type of tree chosen for bonsai would like those new-fangled clear growth media.
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 20 2023

       Yea, making roots attractive would be a bit of a challenge too.
doctorremulac3, Feb 20 2023


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