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Social Social Club

Meet singles and improve the world
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Lots of matchmaking operations are centered around scheduling dances, movie nights, hikes, etc. The Social Social Club will instead schedule community service activities (they will adopt a stretch of highway, have agreements with retirement homes and hospitals, improve trails in parks, etc.) where members go out, do some good for the world, and meet each other. Americorps and other organizations are partially a model for this, but you'd want the organization to schedule things in a way compatible with busy urban people unable to take a year of their life off. (Plus, there would be recognition that the matchmaking element is important.)

There are lots of advantages to this. It's a chance to meet other people in a situation more likey to reveal a person's real character, and you can feel better about being in an organization like this.

It can be difficult to find good volunteer opportunities, and the charities/non-profits benefit from having a professionally organized corps of motivated (albeit somewhat distracted) volunteers.

tspyz, Apr 25 2002

Community Service Volunteers http://www.csv.org.uk/
Baked, I feel. [Aristotle, Apr 25 2002]

UU http://www.uua.org
You all forced me to link this [globaltourniquet, Apr 26 2002]


       Perhaps they could all be on the same Street Crime Olympics team?
bristolz, Apr 25 2002

       Baked. It's called church. And if you don't like the theology aspect, <shameless promotion, generally avoided by its members>there's always UU</shameless promotion, generally avoided by its members>
globaltourniquet, Apr 25 2002

       So does putting the world to rights in the pub not count?
notripe, Apr 25 2002

       [gt]: UU?
angel, Apr 26 2002

       UU = a really old set of boobs
thumbwax, Apr 26 2002

       GT... I would counter your declaration of bakedness. While it is true that churches are community service oriented organizations, among other things, I do not agree that there is a focus on matchmaking. At least not at my church.
waugsqueke, Apr 26 2002

       UU = Ulcoholics Unonymous?
stupop, Apr 26 2002

       [waug], certainly the proverbial tongue was somewhere in the cheek vicinity on that, but it was in consideration of the very real pheomenon of folks going to church for the ulterior motive of finding their soul mate...
globaltourniquet, Apr 26 2002

       I would disagree. At my church, there's quite a few matchmakers.   

       If they'd stopped trying to hook me up with 15 year olds before I turned 27, I might have made better progress in the matter... with a legal adult! ...on my own by now.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 03 2008


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