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TV Guide Matchmaker

You like Star Trek, too?
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The TV Guide Matchmaker introduces people with similar interests in television shows as well as similar rankings of favorite television show characters.

(*This needs a new name so suggestions welcomed/encouraged/entertained)

phoenix, Apr 02 2003


       TiVo gathers your likes and dislikes of shows, and suggests other ones. This could be extended for it to suggest people to you also, hence "TiVo Matchmaker" would be my title suggestion.
krelnik, Apr 02 2003

       "Ok, so we can't meet on tuesday night, cos Buffy and Angel are on then, or sunday, cos 24 is on, errr... wednesday? No... Film night, isn't it?"   

       I like it - The idea is good!
Seaneeboy, Apr 03 2003

       'You have selected Jerry Springer and Cops as your favourite shows. TIVODate has found the following 5 potential romantic matches.'   

       Nora Bubba, Scabby Meadows Trailer Park, Gumble, Georgia   

       Mary-Jo Bubba, Scabby Meadows Trailer Park, Gumble, Georgia   

       Luanne Bubba, Scabby Meadows Trailer Park, Gumble. Georgia   

       Jessie 'Runt' Bubba, Scabby Meadows Trailer Park, Gumble, Georgia   

       George W Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500.
sambwiches, Apr 03 2003

       can you find someone for me who enjoys: teletubbies, red dwarf, x-files, timeteam, bodice-ripping, swash-buckling period dramas, some news programmes and who detests daytime tv. thanks, phoe.
po, Apr 03 2003

       The closest match TIVODate comes up with is once again: -   

       George W Bush, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC 20500   

       with a direct match for Teletubbies. He also mentions the X-files and the news in his personal profile. Here are the excerpts: -   

       ...watching the X-FILES because me and Dad just laugh and laugh about how wrong they got the aliens. They don't look anything like that - they all look like Colin Powell. I also...   

       ...nope, we don't watch much NEWS, either. Dad says it'll give me a big head, which is weird because I always thought you got square eyes. Colin said everyone likes me so there's no point in watching it and he says him and his buddies have it under control but i'm not so sure because a few days ago somebody asked me about a place called Irack and I don't know what that is but Colin says just shut up or you won't get dinner so I guess it's OK, because I got my dinner and it was steak and some...   

       Unfortunately George very much enjoys daytime television. Here is an excerpt from his profile: -   

       ...daytime TV because it's always good to see if the kids turn up on Springer or Cops. I don't know where they are half the time, but Colin tells me they're OK. I've always wondered about that guy. Why does he say it like 'colon'? Isn't that a little weird...
sambwiches, Apr 03 2003

       We don't get Red Dwarf over here (yet). Nor TimeTeam as far as I know. Bodice-ripping I like, but I can do without the swashbuckling period dramas.
phoenix, Apr 03 2003

       Bodice-ripping teletubby news programs...
waugsqueke, Apr 03 2003

       you can't rip a bodice without swashing a buckle :)
po, Apr 03 2003

       Friendster has a nice engine for this.
LoriZ, Dec 05 2004

       Maybe [po], but a swashbuckling period sounds like a contradiction.
gardnertoo, Mar 27 2005

       So I guess the point is to round up everyone that likes television into one pool, then detonate the pool with some horrid destructive device. croissant if that's the intention. May I suggest dynamite?
natewill, Mar 28 2005


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