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Specific Online Dating

Most important things
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Well it's pretty simple, I suppose. It's an online dating service. First, it screens out those with a HORRIFIC credit report. If you pass the credit test, (very simple to do online)..... then you may go on to take the a lie detector test. You can report to local areas (maybe a post office) to take your test. If you didn't match up, this could spawn a whole new area of internet dating... you get along well with liars and those that will never be financially stable. Everyone must have a match somewhere..
unfortunate baker, Aug 02 2008

International marriage broker act of 2005 http://www.uscis.go...ase/IMBRA072106.pdf
Baked for foreigners, but not for Americans? [ye_river_xiv, Aug 02 2008]


       the invention: depression?
WcW, Aug 02 2008

       How about matching this idea with [business: matchmaking]?
phoenix, Aug 02 2008

       but not very specific....
WcW, Aug 02 2008

       Hi baker, sorry your online dating has been so unfortunate :( Maybe you could call this "Invasive online dating".
phundug, Aug 02 2008

       I had this idea quite a bit ago, but thanks, phundug. Maybe another category... Dating of for those that have nothing to hide. lol.
unfortunate baker, Aug 02 2008

       Online Dating: The Consolation Bracket
lurch, Aug 02 2008

       What lie is the lie detector supposed to detect? I'm afraid you're ascribing magic properties to this test that it doesn't quite have.   

       I've seen dating sites for the beautiful and the intelligent. I can't see why a dating site for people with good credit rating shouldn't catch on, perhaps financed by the three credit report agencies (for whom I'd like to reserve a very special circle of hell, but I digress.)
jutta, Aug 02 2008

       I think I made this too simple. A GOOD credit report does not mean you are rich. It means you are responsible. If you pass that, then, you would take a test that says you are not a liar. My head hurts now... LOL
unfortunate baker, Aug 02 2008

       Shouldn't it also do a background check? I once talked with a woman about her experience with dating services, and she said she had had a number of wonderful evenings with men who turned out to be ex-cons and/or have serious financial issues.   

       Single parents would likely be very excited to know that the person they were thinking of dating was not a pedophile, and all applicants would probably be glad to learn that their intended had no prior convictions on spousal abuse, drug use, etc.   

       Not to say that convicts don't deserve a chance, but these sort of things would best be mentioned before an actual meeting.   

       Besides, If a foreign bride bought from another country gets this sort of info (Linky), shouldn't the average citizen deserve equal protection under law?
ye_river_xiv, Aug 02 2008

       don't eliminate the people with bad credit... You are missing the big picture.   

       Pretty girl, down on her luck, made some bad life decisions, got involved with a dastardly reprobate... She wants to meet somebody new and start all over again. from scratch.   

       Now THERE is a love story.. music up.. "where do I begin.... "
r_kreher, Aug 02 2008


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