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Socially-responsible FPS game

An unexploited niche ...
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Many computer games involve military combat situations.

To some, this is of course morally repugnant.

But now, programmers at BorgCo are offering for Beta-test a range of rather more acceptable First Person Shooter game products.

Covering a wide range of locations and genres, "Salvation Army: Black Ops", "Missal:Impossible", "Call of Duty; The Padre Strikes Back" and "Resident Evil: Book of Revelations" will be hitting the stores soon ...

8th of 7, Jun 30 2012

I, Corn Corn_27s_20Revenge_20I
CropSlash Inc.'s first strategy game. [django, Jul 01 2012]


       //Call of Duty; The Padre Strikes Back//   

       Ummm… I'm not sure I'd let my kids play this one.
ytk, Jul 01 2012

       Oh yes, great - though there is that famously controversial scene in Call of Duty 5: Litter Patrol where in order to gain respect of the gang you are sent to infiltrate, you have to discard a number of clearly recyclable items in entirely the wrong bins. <tsk> <tsk>
zen_tom, Jul 01 2012

       I was hoping this would be a game where kids got to play special forces operatives sent to kill Joseph Kony (or any evil dictator flavor of the month) and the proceeds from the game go to hiring mercenaries to do the job for real.
DIYMatt, Jul 01 2012

       //Litter Patrol// Is it the next level where you have to look after a whole load of wayward puppies?
pocmloc, Jul 01 2012

       [8th of 7], You just inspired me to launch CropSlash Inc. Some shameless self-promotion in the [link].
django, Jul 01 2012

       Actually this is a real problem for me as I have two young children, so I've been reading that you can actually play "Skyrim" without killing anyone. The key is to learn to cast happiness spells which get monsters to leave you alone.
MisterQED, Jul 03 2012

       //The key is to learn to cast happiness spells which get monsters to leave you alone.//   

       I used to just put on a Bob the Builder video on plus give them a few cookies and whatnot.
AusCan531, Jul 03 2012

       Ever since Fallout 3, there have been a number of sandbox games made wherein it is possible to play the entire game without killing, including most or all of the side missions. Skyrim is only the latest.   

       I'm pretty sure Bethesda started the trend; shortly before the release of Fo3, they 'leaked' a rumor that the entire campaign could be completed without killing anything except two giant cockroaches that must be shot with a BB gun during the tutorial. I'm not usually a fanboy, but I love the Fallout series, so naturally once I got home from the midnight release and got the disc into my Xbox I had to try it out. I think I made it a good three hours before I purchased a shotgun for my character and started blasting away. After I'd completed the whole campaign by killing anything that moved, I did succeed in doing the two- roaches-only method. Very difficult.   

       FPSs give me motion sickness, so I don't know of any that can be played without killing... except for Portal 2, of course, but that's sort of the point of the game.
Alterother, Jul 04 2012

       I can't say i'm at all up to date on this, but i've tried to play Doom and Quake I without killing. Quake is easier in that respect because of the genuine three-dimensionality. It's harder to evade threats in Doom. That presumably means a four- dimensional FPS has greater potential for non-violence. Incidentally, i see them as models of intersubjectivity, suggesting a Sartrean FPS based on shame.
nineteenthly, Jul 04 2012

       The "S" in "FPS" might cause some problems with this idea. Also, it's not the kind of game the author has in mind, but "The Sims" has a (small) element of social responsibility to it.
hippo, Jul 04 2012

       //The key is to learn to cast happiness spells which get monsters to leave you alone.//   

       You hear that, [beanangel]? They finally made a game where you get to happylong people.
ytk, Jul 04 2012


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