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Sonic the Groundhog Day

Repeating "girlfriend" game for Sonic the Hedgehog
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A game very like Sonic the Hedgehog, but with only three levels. The player character is a groundhog rather than a hedgehog. The first level is a dull, wintry level where the player not only accumulates powerups but is supposed to woo a love interest character like Amy in Sonic. The level repeats itself over and over again until the player succeeds with the Amy/Andie McDowell character, with only one other difference in the level. Randomly, half the time the groundhog's shadow is visible throughout the level, the other half it isn't. If the level is won when the shadow is visible, the next level has a snowy theme. If the shadow is invisible, the next level has a springtime theme.
For the duration of the game, the computer's/console's date is set to the second of February until the level is successfully completed.
nineteenthly, Feb 07 2009

Groundhog Day http://www.noblenet.../year/groundhogday/
[nineteenthly, Feb 07 2009]

Sonic the Hedgehog http://en.wikipedia...e_Hedgehog_(series)
Wikipedia entry [nineteenthly, Feb 07 2009]

Groundhog Day http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0107048/
IMDB page [nineteenthly, Feb 07 2009]

Time Loop Game Time_20Loop_20Game
The title to end all titles [marklar, Feb 09 2009]


       I can only recall her from "sex, lies and videotape" and "Four Weddings And A Funeral" apart from this, so i can't really comment. I wonder if Amy has got younger too. Maybe less pixelated, and the older a videogame character is, the more pixelated it is.
nineteenthly, Feb 07 2009

       Not related, but I have never found the McDowell particularly sexy.
gnomethang, Feb 07 2009

       OK, scratch that, i've seen "Green Card" and "St Elmo's Fire", so i have seen her from before. I dunno really, i suppose she has famous hair. Maybe she should be in "Benjamin Button" if that's true.
I suppose this could even be an eight-bit game, if we go back that far. The interesting thing about that is, if it ran on the Sega Master System, i.e. Z80 based, i could actually bake it if i had that much time on my hands.
nineteenthly, Feb 07 2009

       Better Andie than Malcolm, I always say.
shapu, Feb 09 2009

       Is it possible to loose the level? (if you drop a toaster in your bath, I assume you still just carry on to the next level)
MadnessInMyMethod, Feb 09 2009

       Yes, absolutely. There's no way out, but Amy/Andie gets to see you in the morgue if you kill yourself.
nineteenthly, Feb 09 2009

       Hmm, this gives me an idea, but I think it's worthy of being seperate, with inspiration credit of course. [link]
marklar, Feb 09 2009

       Thanks, [marklar].
nineteenthly, Feb 09 2009


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