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Sex doll and phone sex worker integration for VR environments

map locations and use sex dolls with them
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Virtual and augmented reality is happening now with the Oculus Rift and other 3-D headsets. New games are being developed and physical/virtual interfaces are being worked out for all sorts of activities. An obvious application is porn and virtual sex.

V/R sex has one big problem: lack of a proper physical interface. I haven't personally tried V/R or a fleshlight but can vouch that the act of masturbating is much less enjoyable than the real thing and can often be distracting enough to take one's mind right out of a fantasy.

Modern computers easily have enough power to map a room. It is possible to map a room and then overlay a virtual interface. The use of a sex doll with a v/r headset allows a closer approximation of actual sex than has ever been possible.

Put RFID tags and pressure sensors under a sex doll's skin, such that its precise position can be determined. (the sex doll needs to feel as real as possible but appearance is irrelevant. This is much easier than making one that looks real)

Design a V/R application that does the following:

Maps the room it's in, in general. Maps the location, sizes, and position of a sex doll in the room. Overlays the room and doll in a virtual environment. Sends the position of the doll to an internet based phone sex worker or significant other. The person on the other end gets a 3-D representation of the doll's position with pressure data.

The user can now enjoy conversation and touch with a highly realistic facsimile.

Voice, Jun 23 2014

Better hurry https://www.inputma...-than-just-a-friend
The robots are catching up. [Voice, Jan 04 2021]


       Man, how has no one thought of this before?
theircompetitor, Jun 23 2014

       How, has man no one thought but this before?
normzone, Jun 23 2014

       (+) "The person on the other end gets a 3-D representation of the doll's position with pressure data."   

       Yay sex!   

       This pressure data stuff seems like it would go great with training people to do CPR on CPR bodies.   

       I'm not feeling very sexually aware, but maybe as someone on Quora said she likes it "harder faster deeper" as she approaches orgasm, the sex doll could use the sensors to amplify actual VR male output at optimal times, doing just that for women. call it "graphic equalizer spice".   

       Thinking about what I read men (and boys) like, is a thing online basically said the "sensation of entry" was (sort of) the second most liked thing about sex among men; At something like a fleshlight (I've never tried one either), there could be an annular narrowing region that activates at an interval that is most similar to getting very many first-entry sensations during a longer, entire occurence of masturbation. So, if it causes sensation of entry once a minute that gives the penis/nerves a chance to avoid becoming accustomed to it, and it feels like what the people I read about like, "sensation of entry".   

       At a 2 human VR experience when she squeezes her vagina, a completely different kegel-like thing, the male side could do a sensation of entry fleshlight/sex doll sensation. which actually might exceed the enjoyment of being squeezed with a kegel. As a kind of nice opportunity, I read doing Kegels for women during sex potentiates bigger earlier ograsms, so something she does, that he likes (sensation of entry), also pleasures her more.   

       One person on Quora I read may benefit from [Voice]' invention. She liked the way a penis got just a little harder and bigger right before male orgasm (diamond moment) as it was sexy for her when the guy had an orgasm; [Voice]' pressure sensors,internal at the sex doll, and software evaluation of movement and breathing patterns could find the thing that when women and girls that say they like "diamond hard moment". Then the women and girls enjoy repeated, but at long interval, "diamond hard moments" repeatedly at a schedule that keeps the sensation fresh.   

       Not really related to [voice] idea is something I noticed: masturbating with a hand seems to metaphorically complete a circuit or provide two kinds of stimulation at once that makes pleasure more obvious during masturbaton and orgasm more there and likely. (example, have you tried masturbating with your nondominant hand? bleah.)   

       So does a perhaps a fingerless Glove vibrator or even just wrist-mover increase pleasure while using a fleshlight or genital effect sex doll? The fleshlight could have handles that feel like the outside of a peristaltic pump, which might activate greater effectiveness a the person's brain. So, fleshlight with a pommel; wrist-up fingerless gloves imitate the pressures and variations a hand experiences and relays to the brain during masturbation.   

       A Hand-nerve contributive version for women and girls could be part of another vibrator, like a wand vibrator with deep ergonomic finger grooves in the handle; the fingers kind of tuck-into the soft silicone grooves; finger position is similar to that of women fingering themselves; under the grooves there is motion or vibration; even though it is the handle, activating women's fingers while they actually use the head of the wand on the clitoris and vagina. This again, could activate two sexual circuits simultaneously, hand masturbation and genital contact.   

       I think lots of people have thought about VR and sex doll osftware programs. "do things that increase and extend the time of sexual pleasure", or also "do things that provide the greatest heights of sexual pleasure", or optimize both: "emphasize increased time of sexual pleasure simultaneous with higher peaks of pleasure simultaneously with multiple orgasm" programs at a sex doll might already exist. At partner sex VR the augmentation of the actual positions, touch and motions with heightened output would be kind of like "graphic equalizer spice" and would overlay the actual sexual sex part with another person.   

       Sex dolls with the warm feel (thermal conductance) of human skin: Diamond, like industrial diamond powder, is really cheap (25c-40c a gram, alibaba). Diamond conducts heat and cold really really well. I think mixing it with the polymers of Robot skin would make it so that robot skin could have the same thermal conductance as human skin. Actual diamond is transparent, so a there would be no effect on robot appearance.   

       One sex toy invention that I do not know how to do but a college class could have a great time designing making and building is a 99th percentile of pleasureable dishwasher-safe sex toy; notably for men, perhaps the fleshlight could clamshell open and just get tossed in the washer; Maybe the middle third of a life size human sex doll pelvis just, without messing up the doll, slides out, clamshell opens, and is small enough for the dishwasher.   

       Pragmatic public health engineering could simply say, 1/10th of these are only going to get washed occasionally. What antibacteria, antidirt, antiviral systems can we put in a polymer orifice to make it harmless to use even if grungy? invisible UV LEDS interior at the sex doll could keep the entire human surface contact area almost bacteria free, even as old bodily fluids and lubricant coagulated and perhaps dried there.   

       What if gunk just spontaneously fell off, sort of like paint peels but ten thousand times faster?   

       There are additives to keep paint from peeling, is it possible to make additives that cause paint to peel on purpose, or at this application, anything in the way of dried gunk to fall off that are not detergents or surfactants?   

       A piezoelectric jewelry cleaner transducer is like 1-9 cents at alibaba; perhaps that, even without an immersion bath could cause paint to peel off spontaneously; focalized jewelry cleaner ultrasonics could swirl things out of a moist crevice or orifice cents; splay the bulk of any fluids along the sides, dry it, and vibrate it off.   

       Extremely novel things might be tested at keeping sex dolls clean, like hydro-polymers at orifice interiors with deliquescent coatings so they are always wet, even if you wipe them off, the plastic sucks water out of the air until it has a water film on it. Note though, it is UV sterilized, and being always wet they are nonabrasive, and dissolve anything put in them.   

       This is novel as one notion of clean "no gunk" might contrast with another notion of clean "moist but sterile, continuously antibacterial and antiviral ((from gel), nonabrasive, reducing transmission of infection. Other people in the design/engineering class would note that, even without lubricant or preparation the sex doll was ready to go from sustained moistness, bringing convenience. People like me would suggest putting color change indicators on the continuously moist area to detect STI, or other medical tests.
beanangel, Jan 04 2021


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