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Sex doll and phone sex worker integration for VR environments

map locations and use sex dolls with them
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Virtual and augmented reality is happening now with the Oculus Rift and other 3-D headsets. New games are being developed and physical/virtual interfaces are being worked out for all sorts of activities. An obvious application is porn and virtual sex.

V/R sex has one big problem: lack of a proper physical interface. I haven't personally tried V/R or a fleshlight but can vouch that the act of masturbating is much less enjoyable than the real thing and can often be distracting enough to take one's mind right out of a fantasy.

Modern computers easily have enough power to map a room. It is possible to map a room and then overlay a virtual interface. The use of a sex doll with a v/r headset allows a closer approximation of actual sex than has ever been possible.

Put RFID tags and pressure sensors under a sex doll's skin, such that its precise position can be determined. (the sex doll needs to feel as real as possible but appearance is irrelevant. This is much easier than making one that looks real)

Design a V/R application that does the following:

Maps the room it's in, in general. Maps the location, sizes, and position of a sex doll in the room. Overlays the room and doll in a virtual environment. Sends the position of the doll to an internet based phone sex worker or significant other. The person on the other end gets a 3-D representation of the doll's position with pressure data.

The user can now enjoy conversation and touch with a highly realistic facsimile.

Voice, Jun 23 2014


       Man, how has no one thought of this before?
theircompetitor, Jun 23 2014

       How, has man no one thought but this before?
normzone, Jun 23 2014


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