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Sudoku Assist

Not online sudoku
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You enter the sudoku from the newspaper into the cells.

When done you press DONE.

It tells you if this is a hard medium or easy problem.

Each cell has a small grid of 9 with small gray digits - 1 to 9. They are surrounded by red borders - red meaning this cell has not yet been calculated. The cells that you filled with numbers have: a bold (4px) green border around them, meaning that this cell is originally defined. The number in the grid that was selected is bold yellow in a green background.

Above each column and to the left of each row there is an extra "title" cell with a grid of 9 with small gray digits 1 to 9.

Each "square" that is 3x3 cells, has a rectangular "title cell" set into the top mid cell, with a flattened out grid of digits 1-9.

The numbers you entered are marked with color (say bold, red on yellow background.)

When hovering on a number, several options are shown as icons. In turn, each icon is explained in text as you hover on it.

The options are: Mark all. Mark square. Mark row, Mark vertical column.

On ALL squares you also have the option: Calculate square. Calculate row. Calculate column.

Marking - marks the area (row column or square) setting the digit selected as unavailable (grayed out). A small triangle adjacent to the digit points to the direction of the existing digit. A small x in the corner means existing digit is in the square.

Calculate - marks the area (row, column or square) setting all available digits as bold, and unavailable digits as grayed out, with the same UI as "Marking". A surrounding bold border is set around pairs of available numbers (that is: if there are only two options for a single digit in an area) with an arrow or x pointing to the second option.

When an area is calculated its "title" (column, row or square-title-rectangle) is updated and marked with a (2px) green border.

Cells that numbers have been entered in

When you enter a number into a cell, the titles of the areas (row, column and square) are "invalidated" so the border turns red, and so does the border of the areas themselves.

There is UNDO, and view history.

History shows order entry and values:

. . . ; . . . ; . . . . 0(4) . ; 0(3) . . ; 1(2) 0 0 . . . ; . . . ; . . . . . . ; . . . ; . . 2(3) . . . ; . . 0:2 0 ; . . . . . . ; . . . ; . 3(5) . . 4(9) . ; . . . ; . . .


pashute, Dec 13 2012

Custom Sudoku http://www.komoroske.com/sudoku/index.php
Click on the puzzle difficulty and select "Custom" to edit the puzzle [ytk, Dec 13 2012]

Sudoku helper http://www.nemitz.n...rnon/SuDoKuHelp.htm
This page can be copied from the Web to off-line storage, and opened in a browser from that storage location, and will work fine. I wrote it about 6 years ago. [Vernon, Dec 13 2012]


       Who could be bothered with all of that? Sodukos are comparatively easy to solve. (he says smugly) The hardest ones I've found are the those appearing in the Sunday Times (UK of course). The rest aren't worth doing.
xenzag, Dec 13 2012

       [marked-for-deletion] Widely known to exist. A quick Google search can find you several. Link provided to one that does pretty much everything described.
ytk, Dec 13 2012


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