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Soda Pressure Cap

cap will turn a different color if the soda is shaken
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I couldn't find this baked anywhere, but what about a top to soda bottles that would turn a different color if they are shaken, so you don't get the embarrasing/messy foaming bottle in a meeting, class, or in the car.
EdisonsTwin, Oct 05 2006

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       I like a color changing cap or even some sort of red dot type of indicator that indicates that the beverage has been shaken. However, it would have to be a bit more sophisticated to determine the level of disruption. In the case of a shaken soda, the pressure does not really increase. The carbonation has been disrupted into larger bubbles. Once you open the top allowing air into the soda, the air rushes into the bottle at a faster rate causing the soda to shoot out.
Jscotty, Oct 05 2006

       [+] How about expanding the idea to include a "staleness indicator" for those two liter soda bottles?
augusta, Oct 05 2006

       Jscotty, air does not rush into the bottle.   

       There is no need for a fancy cap, just squeeze the bottle and see how tight it feels.
baconbrain, Oct 09 2006

       [bb] only works on plastic bottles.
Galbinus_Caeli, Oct 09 2006

       Oh, yeah, I forgot about glass bottles. That shows how little soda I drink. Sorry.
baconbrain, Oct 10 2006


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