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Sound Mug

Pour me cup of mellow tones.
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*Sip* Ahhhh.. Huh? Zappa? What the..
So what if you took a small but powerful audio transducer and put it in the base of a mug and sent some audio to it, say thru a small, programmable IPod-ish device (also integrated into the mug base) you'd have a musical mug of sorts, silent to all but the user.
So when the mug lip was resting on your mouth, or when your tired or cold and you rest the warm mug next to your face you could 'hear' that audio or get a sense of it at least. (via wave propogation thru your facial tissue, jaw bone etc.)
Of course the speed of sound in liquids can be variable depending on the density and compliance (compressibility) of the liquid, so the sound would likely be strange, but interesting.
Perhaps the handle could be acoustically isolated from the mug body to allow max transmission thru the mug itself.
And if it only played when you picked it up, then it wouldn't vibrate and waste energy, annoy others, etc. when it was just sitting there on the table.
Seems like a cool thing so it's probably baked, but it would be nice to get some musical vibes to soothe my soul whilst sippin' the java.
UVApostrophe, Mar 02 2005

Giggle Cup Partly baked by yours truly, in that it makes sounds. But a different idea. + [DesertFox, Mar 03 2005]


       Very nice. Let your teeth hit the rim and your skull would become a speaker.
Worldgineer, Mar 02 2005

       //powerful audio transducer //, I'd be careful what the polarity is of the magnet facing you for health reasons. I'm wearing high gausse hard-drive computer magnets right now with a particular N/S polarity facing me, for health reasons.
mensmaximus, Mar 02 2005

       Fortunately aluminum foil hats aren't magnetic.
bristolz, Mar 02 2005

       Yes, good thinking. Dial settings could go from cold to hot:
0=Hanson's Mmm-Bop
11=Spinal Tap or your fav speed metal
UVApostrophe, Mar 03 2005

       Remember the Giggle Cup? It would giggle with different parameters, depending on liquid level and temperature?   

       Already does make sounds, but only giggles. So, partly baked, but different enough to get my croissant.
DesertFox, Mar 03 2005


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