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Stock Ticker Coffee mug

A mug with a LCD screen having a stock ticker or an RSS feed.
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Simple enough idea. A coffee cup with an LCD screen and a wifi chip (with a battery and a usb connector) that grabs stock value and displays them as a ticker. You can use the usb connector to charge the battery and setup parameters for wifi and stocks to follow/RSS feeds etc.

Additionally, a thermopile at the base of the cup can convert the heat from the coffee into energy for those really really long meetings.

since a thermopile is 'reversible' a supply of current (when plugged in to the computer) can warm your coffee.

mrsarcasm, Feb 16 2010

Wikipedia: Ticker Tape http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ticker_tape
A stock ticker is a sort of 21st Century reimagined version of the old paper system, you can sometimes see it on "Breaking News" stories when some text scrolls along from right to left at the bottom of the picture. Often contains combinations of alpha and numeric characters HK +101 NY -12 FTSE -11 CAC +23 etc [zen_tom, Feb 16 2010]


       Yes, I like this. They have the ticker going above some counters at coffee spots, but I think this is way better.   

       Would this cost a whole lot to make? If so, no. If not, yay!
blissmiss, Feb 16 2010

       [Ian Tindale] //What the bloody hell is a “stock ticker”, then?// A machine for producing ticker tape. You know, for use in ticker tape parades.
mouseposture, Feb 17 2010

       So its not a generic type of replacement heart, then?
RayfordSteele, Feb 17 2010

       + I like it, although I not really interested in the stocks, I like the hb idea!!
xandram, Feb 17 2010

       //On your second cup you could display the latest HB ideas//   

       Bun awaiting ...
MikeD, Feb 17 2010


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