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Sponge Cup

A cup with a sponge in it.
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Don't look at me that way. There are lots of valid reasons for cutting a sponge to shape and attaching it to the inside of a cup.

The first reason is kids. Kids like colourful drinks and they also like colouring. Sometimes they like to combine these activities, to the shagrin of many parents and the detriment of carpets and fabrics. This cup prevents that. The sponge keeps much of the liquids contained in it from spilling.

The second reason is drinking. Drinking is good, but sucking liquids out of containers is better. To drink a liquid that is in the cup tilt it towards you like a normal cup and suck on the sponge. You will enjoy the sensation of the sponge yielding its cold nectars to you.

The second second reason is insulation. This cup keeps beverages cold! Think how well a cup surrounded in foam is insulated. Now think how well insulated a cup made almost entirely of foam is insulated. Stop thinking, the answer is: it is insulation! Thus it will keep a cold drink cold!

The third reason is washing. Although it is easier to wash a cup that does not have a sponge in it. The Sponge Cup is easily washed by hot water. Simply flush it out with hot water after use to remove any particals that might propogate a culture of hazardous bacteria or mold.

The fourth reason is immunity. It is well know that people who are exposed regularly to small levels of infectious bacteria have a consistently hightened immune system. The sponge cup, even if not properly maintained, can still be advantageous!

The fifth reason is durability. Because the Sponge Cup contains a sponge and is constructed of plastic it is highly durable. It can be dropped from reasonable heights without breaking. Heights that are unreasonable to most cups are reasonable to the Sponge Cup.

The sixth reason is economics. The Sponge Cup is made right here in [insert country name here] where it creates employment and contributes to the economy. It is also a good export to many other countries that are not your own.

The seventh reason is cupability. Cupability is new concept invented especially because of the Sponge Cup! Many people believe that other cups have a low cupability compared to the Sponge Cup. And, the cupability of the Sponge Cup is growing!

The eighth reason is sponge cup. The sponge cup is a sponge cup. The cup is a sponge with a sponge... cup... the...

schmendrick, Sep 16 2005


       The third, "second reason", would seem to me to be, go out, buy a cup, and plop a sponge in it. (If you had said "culpability" or "For the Sponger in Your Life", I may have found this somehow amusing.) But cha didn't   

       As I read this, you want to put a sponge_in_a_cup.   

       Little Janie says this was baked about 6 weeks ago, when she first picked up her cup, and accidently dropped in some napkins. She advanced to sponges in her vesicles, as her mind broadened.   

       The eighth reason makes me thinketh you drinketh too much already, fromest your hearty bottom heavy stein.
blissmiss, Sep 16 2005

       I dont know what to say. Somthing about volume mabye.
Antegrity, Sep 16 2005

       Well I like it. Not sure that all the reasons are strictly accurate, but the spillage one alone is worth my toasted bun. Now if we could just invent a croissant filled with sponge that contains the crumbs, my life is made...
kmlabs, Sep 16 2005

       This is an interesting one. I am thinking in all sorts of directions:
1a. I think a sponge works because of capillary action. If the sponge was a set of orientated straws of a certain diameter, and the end of the straws were in the right place...
1b. If alternate straws were vented to air, it would be possible to change the temperature of the liquid quickly by blowing hot or cold air through them.
2. If the sponge had a thermal capacity, it could be preheated, or cooled...
2. My kid, I'm sure, would take the sponge out and use it for water fights, or get the liquid to come out by pressing fingers in.
3. I think the sponge would be really difficult to clean. Milk especially.
4. Most important: would it take the head off my beer, or make it flat?

       The third, "second reason": Shouldn't that read:
The second, "second reason"?
Ling, Sep 16 2005

       A cup with a sponge in it.   

       Why didn't you just leave it at that?
skinflaps, Sep 16 2005

       Effect: Pour water in cup, wave wand, produce ice.
Secret: I know I’m not supposed to give away such heavily guarded secrets, so I’ll offer only this subtle hint: Baked as a magic trick prop.
Shz, Sep 16 2005


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