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Telescopic Coffee Cup Lip

Keeps it within the cup
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Pull the lip of the telescopic takeaway coffee cup.

The cup will add an additional inch or two compensating for the overly eager barista that inadvertently filled your cup beyond the point of street balancing.

Thus avoiding spillage of the contents all over your shirt cuffs, trousers, skirt, (what have you) whilst navigating the streets on your way to wherever.

skinflaps, Jul 26 2007

a picture for skinflaps http://picasaweb.go...5091506759810543922
has nothing to do with coffee cups [dentworth, Jul 31 2007]


       god, this is so sexy...   

       oops, I spilt it down my dress...   

       f*ck, that was hot
po, Jul 26 2007

       God, that was so sexy. The wet dress works well also.
normzone, Jul 26 2007

       [flaps] in a wet dress <phew>
po, Jul 26 2007

       Needs an expanding lid to complete.
xenzag, Jul 26 2007

       Yep, the lid needs a re-engineered blowhole.
skinflaps, Jul 26 2007

       I love the way that you ignore the sex or was that the blowhole and I missed it?   

po, Jul 26 2007

       A sort of inverted, protective coffee-skirt - I like it.   

       I've piloted a hot cup of coffee along, doing the thing with your fingers where you alternate between different digits as the heat gets too much, only to get to the office, and in pushing open the door with my coffee hand (the other one holding a bag or something), squeeze the cup, and watch as a blob of cappuccino froth squirts up out of the little coffee-hole, and onto my tie.
zen_tom, Jul 26 2007

       //I love the way that you ignore the sex// Maybe I need more coffee.
skinflaps, Jul 27 2007

       + oh what the heck, more sex, too...
xandram, Jul 27 2007

       I added a link - an illustration of a telescoping telephone pole idea. ....really bad
dentworth, Jul 31 2007

       po: sue!
DrCurry, Jul 31 2007

       I don't like coffee. Would this concept extend to other hot beverages such as Earl Grey tea, Darjeeling tea, or perhaps even Sen Cha?
Jinbish, Jul 31 2007

       Nothing wrong with that pic [dentworth] I don't like coffee either [Jin]This was more of an observation when I noticed how these baristas seem to fill the cups to the brim. I purchased a coffee the other day against my better judgement(I'd prefer tea)and proceeded to spill a quarter of the contents through that blowhole all over my skirt, I mean shirt sleeve.
skinflaps, Aug 01 2007

       //all over my skirt//   

       I bet you did that deliberately, you sexy devil.
Jinbish, Aug 01 2007

       I was about to post this same idea, but for soda foam (when you underestimate the fizziness of the soda you are pouring, and need an extra inch of height quick!). It has pleats like a flexible drinking straw.
phundug, Apr 19 2010

       I used to work passenger-service in various capacities on trains: our coffee cups had a "fill to this line" line about 3/4" down from the top. One day a passenger complained about getting ripped off and demanded I fill the cup all the way up. Even after I informed him what the line was for and told him he'd spill it he still insisted on "getting his money's worth". Of course since I was used to the movements, I had no problem filling the cup and handing it to him.   

       Score one for customer-service as I continued down the aisle to the music of cursing and swearing from behind me.   

       [advice-of-the-day] If you're going to do this, take very careful note of how the server is holding the cup when he/she hands it to you.   

       Anyways [marked-for-deletion] baked, roasted and percolated: quite a few of the shops I get coffee from have these.
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2010

       I'm not convinced this exists, and would like to see a link or product description to get a clearer picture of what [FlyingToaster] remembers. Wouldn't the telescoping interfere with resisting the snap-on lid enough to fasten it on the cup?
jutta, Apr 27 2010

       ? google "picture coffee cup lid" and click on the image link... unless I'm mistaken this is what is proposed. Ah... it isn't "telescoping" but already at an extended height.
FlyingToaster, Apr 27 2010

       Are you confusing a lid and a lip?
jutta, May 08 2010

       Is this supposed to be like a child's "sippy cup" where a section of the lip is extended ?
FlyingToaster, May 08 2010


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