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sofa with foot treatment extra
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After a long run, I sometimes like to sit in front of the television, with my tired feet relaxing in a tub of hot, vibrating water.

I can do all this because I have a wonderful Sofa-so-spa. No more damp towels on the floor, or messy filling and emptying basins of water that goes cold for me.

The Sofa-so-spa arrives like any other living room couch, except the delivery and fitting crew include a plumber and an electrician. This is to connect it safely to your water, heating, drain and power supply, in order to facilitate its foot spa feature.

This is stored within the base of the sofa, and slides forward on command, delightfully filled with softly vibrating hot water. A remote control enables you to vary the temperature, vibration and add your choice of salts, oils and other foot pampering condiments.

When you are satisfied, before retracting under the sofa, the basin empties and the water is replaced by jets of warm air which gently dry your feet. (delux version also has a toe massager)

xenzag, Aug 18 2007


       You could call it an Electric Jesus!
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 19 2007


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