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Space Invader Sofa

I know. You thought this idea was going to be about...
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Back in the day when I was a nipper, televisions were reasonably priced and reasonably sized. Now most family homes resemble cinemas, with great swathes of wall being covered with flat screen LCD televisions.

Sometimes, when television programmes zoom in one someone’s face, the average viewer with a 54 inch screen might now be confronted with a four foot wide ugly mug glaring at them from the wall. This is particularly true for programmes like "Mastermind" and "Who wants to be a Millionaire" where the camera zooms in incrementally, almost surreptitiously, until there is little more that a giant nostril left on the screen.

But there’s no worry of the picture looming too large if you're sitting on the Space Invader Sofa. Hit the sofa shaped green button on your remote control, and your sofa's motorised castors rumble backwards on their reclaimed railway girders until the TV screen at a less invasive, less threatening, distance.

Fishrat, Mar 28 2007


       Nice. You know, I had a similar idea rattling around my noggin, though this one related to the positioning of computer monitors, so as to avoid weakening of the eyes brought about by fixed-distance staring.
calum, Mar 28 2007

       Or the Spooky Basement sofa.... this is where the sofa is on a hydraulic ram, that waits until you and your guests are sitting comfortably, then lowers you into the creepy basement room for watching horror movies.
xenzag, Mar 28 2007

       I may need to knock a wall or two down.
po, Mar 28 2007

       Wake up, [sleepy]! Didn't you detect a note of excitement in [po]'s anno? They way I read it, [po] was pretty much typing with one hand and reaching for the lump mallet with the other.
Fishrat, Mar 28 2007


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