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sofa transplant registry

central furniture transplant registry
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When people get sick of their sofas, and want a change, they record their needs on the central sofa transplant registry, and go on the waiting list. As soon as a suitable donor match becomes available, that will fit with their colour scheme, decor, lifstyle, etc, their replacement sofa is delivered and the old one taken away, for subsequent transplanting itself, anatomical dissection or disposal.

Not - All sofas are sterilised to minimise room rejection.

xenzag, Dec 16 2005


       And the Salvation Army doesn't already provide this service, without all that bookkeeping?
DrCurry, Dec 16 2005

       No bookeeping involved - this is a modern world - internet does it all, and no again - the Salvation Army are too busy arranging kidney transplants.
xenzag, Dec 16 2005

       They'd start getting prank calls from Messrs Davenport, Chesterfield, and Ottoman.   

       As someone who has collected furniture from alleys before (hey, I was in college), this seems like a much more satisfying idea. Plus, there's no need to see if the thing would tie on to my crappy Toyota.   

shapu, Dec 16 2005

       Wanted: A pair of those red leather sofas shaped like a cupped hand.   

       Offered: 10yo cheap Argos futon.   

wagster, Dec 16 2005


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