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Solar Powered Flashlight

So you can see in the dark.
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Never have battery problems again.
FastFromTalking, May 09 2000

Baked. http://windupradio....olar/flashlight.htm
[egnor, May 09 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

real goods has several different kinds http://www.realgoods.com/
they have several, one's cheap & works on my bike [tenhand, May 09 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Flashlight with no blub, no batteries, and no solar power. http://www.thinkgee...adgets/lights/5a9f/
You power it up by shaking it. It floats, too. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]


       HA! I believe that the real humor of this is that if the solar cells were made to charge a battery for future use, this idea has potential. What does it feel like to accidentally propose a plausible (but nonetheless outwardly ridiculous) concept?
dontthink, May 09 2000

       sorry dontthink. this may not be burt though. his name would be burt and not FastFromTalking. well maybe. Sorry to all who go here but your IQ will drop a fair ammount if you read what burt has to say. Well it is starting to happne to me as i'n loosing abilitie ta spel. Help me Jebus.
NOFX, May 09 2000

       Almost funny, except for the 'help me Jebus.' NOFX, who would possibly have a name like FastFromTalking? Take into consideration the incidents of the past few days.... ...seems like decades.
dontthink, May 09 2000

       Look at the link to the left Burt. Look at it and say die. Thank you egnor.
dontthink, May 09 2000

       Sorry for the Jebus, Simpsons are rubbing off on me....
NOFX, May 09 2000

       No dummy! It was 'SAVE me Jebus.' In any case, it is offensive to some of us.
dontthink, May 10 2000

       Leave me alone. But you could charge the solar battery's in the flashlight. Or u could make a windup one. Either way, leave me alone.
Fast-From-Talking, May 10 2000

       This is the most incomprehensible set of annotations I've seen here yet. Who is burt and why did NOFX suddenly bring him up when dontthink hadn't even mentioned him? Who is offended by misspelling Jesus and why? I thought annotations were meant to enlighten, not befuddle.
baf, May 10 2000

       ...and what are "the incidents of the past few days"?, And is "FastFromTalking" the same person as "Fast-From-Talking"? And what is "dontthink" talking about?
hippo, May 10 2000

       I think FastFromTalking is the same person as Fast-From-Talking, but he is just to stupid to be able to log in. The incidents of the past few days would be our wonderful friend taking a "fast" from talking. This punishment was suggested by a teacher who THOUGHT he was making an analogy to religious fasting. Instead he proved his ignorance. >:-(
dontthink, May 10 2000

       Sorry about the name change, but everytime it says user not found. I was talking, and my teacher thinx he is funny, but hes just stupid. Anyway, i will refrain from posting stupid things. (or at least try) As i have read some of the other ideas, and they seem well. . Smart. And yes im too stupid to log in.
fast~from~talking, May 12 2000

       Either your account is being deleted daily, <snicker> or you just haven't figured it out yet. Type your user name (probably case sensitive) int the top box, your password into the smaller box, and then click the 'log in' dealy bobber thinga magiger. All better now.
dontthink, May 12 2000

       Ah its case sensitive. Thanx.
FastFromTalking, May 13 2000

       baked i've seen them in magazines, adverts, and "in the flesh" as it were...
Malcolm, Jul 16 2000

       Yo baf,The jebus thing is when on the show"The Simpsons"Homer was caught by PBS faking money in one of thier money drives.He hid in the Church and the preacher guy put him on a plane and on the way there Homer quoted"Help me Jebus!!!"
alien_monkey_1, Jul 23 2000

       who are these people?
mydog'sname, Sep 03 2002

       Well, why not also have solar powered daytime running lights for cars, bicycles, big rigs, and other things on wheels? DRL's can sure help your cause wether you want cars, or other vehicles to be visible in broad daylight, or hide them (look up military Project Yehudi). Anyways, this is an idea that seems stupid, but people will buy-in.
Someone, Feb 28 2003


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