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text golf score

Text your golf score to a web site
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If you could text your golf score to a web site, would you? My idea is simple. At the beginning of the round, using your cell phone, text the name of the course. You get a reply that asks, what did you shoot on hole 1? You reply with strokes, putts and par (5,2,4). You get a reply, asking for the next hole, and so on through the round. At the end you get sent a URL. The web site has your present and past scores and can show graphs and display statistics.
rendition, Sep 11 2008

Shank around the World Shank_20around_20the_20World
Shameless Elf Promotion [gnomethang, Sep 13 2008]


       (+) I think there is a market for this, even though I don't personally like it.   

       Possible variations:   

       Have pre-programmed par tables for golf courses; make it easy to access them (maybe based on cell phone location?) That way, you don't have to enter the par.   

       Download scores once at the end of play, rather than for each round; keep track inside a cell phone app while playing. (Fewer messages.)   

       Allow annotations on scores. "This is when it started to rain." "This is when it started to rain squirrels." Etc.
jutta, Sep 11 2008

       <sings> its raining squirrels!
po, Sep 11 2008

       Seriously, are people this enamoured with their phones? Or is it that they're this enamoured with sharing their golf score?   

       Hey, why not shot-by-shot texts? You could use the GPS on your golf cart to push long/lat and let the web site determine where you are on the course, how far your last shot went and whether you ended up in the rough or on the green. The web site could tell you how far you are from the green or the hole. You could annotate each shot with which club you used, what the club was made of, the club manufacturer and what brand of ball you chose. If you have a camera phone, MMS a photo of the lie of the ball, the view to the green or the squirrel rain. There could also be a sub-record of how many drinks each player had since starting the round.   

       I'm not sure what the profit model is for the web site, but the phone companies are sure going to love it. Say...
phoenix, Sep 12 2008

       Put the GPS on the ball, and program it to send data every time it comes to rest.   

       That should do it.
neelandan, Sep 12 2008

       It wouldn't be too hard to implement.
I subscribe to www.how-did-i-do.co.uk and can embellish (add detail not make up!) my scores online once they are uploaded by the secretary. I can also add and detail my own rounds. It also works on my iPhone.
I am sure that it would not be beyond the wit of someone to parse a text message from a player.
In a moment of shameless elf promotion may I point you to the GCP considerations in "Shank around the World" - Linky
gnomethang, Sep 13 2008


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